The city of Rasnov is a quiet little provincial town, with not much going on but still with enough things to do for a few days. While the city makes a great one-day trip from Brasov, I would highly recommend renting a car in Brasov and driving the 15 kilometers. Spend a couple of days in Rasnov and check all the 5 things to do in Rasnov from this article.

The city has a few pretty streets with colorful houses so take a short walking tour of the old town. Stay at the fancy Radsor Hotel and admire the Hollywood sign at the top of the hill. Hike to the Citadel and admire the views over the city. Have some fun at Dino Park and discover the Valea Cetatii Cave. Drive to Zarnesti town and learn more about the rescued bears from Libearty Bear Sanctuary Zarnesti.

strolling the streets of Rasnov

1). Overnight at Radsor Hotel

The fancy-looking hotel located in the middle of the town is the perfect choice for spending a couple of nights in Rasnov. Almost all of the rooms are overlooking the Citadel, and the hotel truly offers a 4-star experience. Classy and sassy, modern and chic, well maintained and very welcoming, everything to make your stay memorable!

Appreciate the silence, the hospitality, and the coziness of the hotel and enjoy the spectacular view over the Citadel from the terrace. At the on-site restaurant, you can try delicious traditional dishes and taste some Romanian wine. Try the homemade PAPANASI (a Romanian traditional fried pastry, doughnut-shaped, served with sour cream and jam topping).
TIP: The on-site pastry shop has a variety of tasty sweets, tee, and coffee. Try some artisanal ice cream! It’s so delicious!

Check out the accommodation here!

2). Enjoy the panoramic view over the City from the Rasnov Citadel

The Rasnov Citadel is an impressive thirteenth-century fortress built on the top of a mountain, 200 meters above the town. It dominates Rasnov’s skyline, being a great example of a fort made to protect the community during an invasion. 

At the base of the hill, there is a funicular that takes you to the Citadel. There is a path on the right-hand side of the funicular for those who want to hike to the Citadel. It’s quite an easy hike, so don’t waste your money on the funicular, unless you really don’t want to walk.

Once at the top, follow the path to the entrance and ticket office. It is a self-guided walk through the outer wall and gates and into the inner courtyard area. You can let your mind go free and imagine how people lived when the Citadel was operational. It is a reasonably well-preserved site with some small souvenir shops and a beautiful panoramic view of Rasnov and the surrounding mountains. 

Note: The Rasnov Citadel is going through renovation works throughout 2020 and 2021, so you can’t go inside, but a hike up to the fortress and a walk outside the walls is still a good idea. 

the entry to the Rasnov Citadel

3). Have fun at Dino Park

The best place to spend an exciting day with your children is Dino Park, the largest dinosaur theme park in East Europe. Children and adults walk through a beautiful forest on a historical route where they encounter more than 100 dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals that lived on this territory. By encounter, I mean dinosaurs reproduced in original size, on a 1 to 1 scale. And they also meet Seismosaurus, the biggest dinosaur that ever lived on our planet.

The walk takes around one hour and can be entertaining for children and adults as well. You can spend more time in the park since there is also an entertaining area with cinemas, a playground for kids, a small volcano that simulates a small earthquake, a gift shop, a zip line, and a museum. 

Dino Parc Rasnov

4). Discover the Valea Cetatii Cave

Not many tourists know about this hidden gem outside Rasnov. Only 1.5 kilometers away from the city, this cave is a small but interesting one. 

Park your car near the road and walk 400 meters, about 20 minutes, on a marked path through an old forest. At the cave entry, buy your ticket for the 30 minutes guided tour. The entrance is permitted only with a guide, twice an hour, so you’ll have to wait until one is available. Although the tour is offered in the Romanian language, the guide will take the time to translate it into English and answer everyone’s questions. 

The cave allows a short tourist route, clear and easy to access. Inside you will be amazed by the beautiful calcite formations and white arches. When you reach the Big Room, a 20 meters high and 2.500 square meters room, the guide will turn off the lights to experience absolute darkness.

Valea Cetatii Cave Rasnov

Valea Cetatii Cave Rasnov

5). Visit the LIBEARTY BEAR SANCTUARY ZARNESTI, the largest brown bear sanctuary in the world

Libearty Bear Sanctuary is the largest brown bear sanctuary in the world. This sanctuary gathers many bears saved from captivity from different zoos or private places all over Romania. Libearty Bear Sanctuary is home to 100 bears who roam freely on 70 hectares of oak and hazel forest. 

The sanctuary is only open for visitors from Tuesday to Sunday, and the guided tours are conducted both in Romanian and English. There are only two guided tours per day, and only 50 visitors per visit are allowed. Remember! The place is not a zoo: you can sometimes see the bears; other times, you won’t. One of the 5 things to do in Rasnov should definitely be visiting the bear sanctuary as you’ll find out so many interesting things.

On the guided tour, you’ll learn more about this place, who made everything possible, and you’ll listen to sad stories about those poor bears’ lives and why and how they ended up in this sanctuary. The sanctuary is also home to other abandoned or abused animals like wolves, donkeys, or dogs.

The entry price ticket might seem expensive, but after realizing the price is a contribution to ease the bears’ pain, to provide food and medicine, you will consider it an opportunity to help them. Those bears need donations; making additional contributions and purchasing stuff from the small shop is highly recommend it.

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sweet bear climbing the trees at Libearty Bear Sanctuary Zarnesti

Things to do in Rasnov – Interactive Map

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