The beautiful town of Brasov is the perfect base if you want to explore Transylvania in Romania. While many choose to visit the famous Bran and Peles Castles or Poiana Brasov, there are many other places to visit and things to do in the area. I listed 6 best day trips from Brasov, so if you’ve already visited the city and wish to go on a day trip, read the entire article and pick the journey that suits you better.

Explore the Quiet City of RASNOV

Distance: 18 km, 20 minutes drive/one way

The city of Rasnov is a typical Romanian provincial town, with not much going on but still with enough things to do on a day trip from Brasov. 

Rasnov Citadel, 6 Best Day Trips From Brasov, Romania
As soon as you reach the city, you can admire the Hollywood sign at the top of the hill.

Enjoy a Panoramic View Over the City from the Rasnov Citadel 

Start your day with an easy hike to the Citadel and admire the views over the city. The Rasnov Citadel is an impressive thirteenth-century fortress built on the top of a mountain 200 meters above the town. It dominates Rasnov’s skyline, being a great example of a fort made to protect the community during an invasion.

Note: The Rasnov Citadel is going through renovation works throughout 2020 and 2021, so you can’t go inside, but a hike up to the fortress and a walk outside the Citadel walls is still a good idea. 

Rasnov Citadel, 6 Best Day Trips From Brasov, Romania
Rasnov Citadel is an impressive thirteenth-century fortress built on the top of a mountain at 200 meters above the town. 

Take a Walking Tour of the Old Town 

Rasnov has a few pretty streets with colorful houses, so take a short walking tour of the old town. 

Rasnov, 6 Best Day Trips From Brasov, Romania
A quick stroll through the old city of Rasnov. 

Stop for a traditional Romanian lunch at the fancy Radsor Hotel and admire the Hollywood sign at the top of the Hill. Or take a coffee break at the on-site pastry shop, which has various tasty sweets, tee, and coffee.

The fancy Radsor Hotel seen from the Citadel.
The fancy Radsor Hotel seen from the Citadel. 

Have Fun at Dino Park 

The best place to spend a few exciting hours with your children is Dino Park, the largest dinosaur theme park in East Europe. Children and adults walk through a beautiful forest on a historical route where they encounter more than 100 dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals that lived on this territory. 

FEE: 28 RON ( around 6€ or 6$) for adults, 22 RON (around 5€ or 5$)for children. 


  • Monday to Thursday: 10.00 – 18.00
  • Friday & Saturday: 10.00 – 19.00
  • Sunday: 10.00 – 18.30

Discover the Valea Cetatii Cave 

Valea Cetatii Cave, 1.5 kilometers away from the city, allows a short tourist route, clear and easy to access. Inside you will be amazed by the beautiful calcite formations and white arches. When you reach the Big Room, a 20 meters high and 2.500 square meters room, the guide will turn off the lights to experience absolute darkness.

FEE: 15 RON for adults (around 3€ or 3$), 10 RON( around 2€ or 2$) for children.

OPENING HOURS: Daily: 10.00 – 20.00

The ticket office - Valea Cetatii Cave, 6 Best Day Trips From BRASOV
The ticket office – Valea Cetatii Cave.
Valea Cetatii, Rasnov, 6 Day Trips From BRASOV
Inside the Valea Cetatii Cave.



Learn About the Rescued Bears from LIBEARTY BEAR SANCTUARY ZARNESTI

Distance: 25 km, 35 minutes drive/one way

Drive to Zarnesti town and learn more about the rescued bears from Libearty Bear Sanctuary Zarnesti. This sanctuary gathers many bears saved from captivity from different zoos or private places all over Romania. Libearty Bear Sanctuary is the largest brown bear sanctuary globally and home to 100 bears who roam freely on 70 hectares of oak and hazel forest. 

FEE: 50 RON (around 10€ or 10$). 

OPENING HOURS: Open from Tuesday to Sunday. The guided tours are operated in Romanian and English, at 9.00, 10.00 and 11.00, for a maximum of 30 persons (for summer 2020).

NOTE: Since each tour is limited to a maximum of 50 people, buy your tickets ahead online.

Also, there’s a 50 RON (around 10€ or 10$)fee if you bring a photo camera. 

Libearty Sanctuary, 6 Best Day Trips From Brasov, Romania
Old Max was still alive when I last visited the place. 
Libearty Sanctuary, 6 Best Day Trips From Brasov, Romania
Climbing trees and playing all day long!



Distance: 134 km to Balea Lake and 2 hours drive/one way

Have you watched the episode of the popular TV show Top Gear where Jeremy, James, and Richard drive some fantastic cars on the Transfagarasan Road and declare it one of the world’s most scenic drives? Well, here it is, only 100 kilometers from Brasov! Easy to explore, Transfagarasan road should be on your list!

Short Info about Transfagarasan Road 

The famous road was built between 1970 and 1974, under Ceausescu communist regime, to guarantee a secured way through the Carpathian mountains. Now Transfagarasan is a popular weekend and holiday destination among Romanians and tourists coming from different parts of the world only to see this road. It starts at Cartisoara, in the north and ends at Bascov, in the south, covering 150 kilometers.

Transfagarasan Road, 6 Best Day Trips From BRASOV
Amazing views on the way to Balea Lake.

Driving the Transfagarasan Road

As a day trip from Brasov, you will be driving on Transfagarasan road only 30 kilometers, from Cartisoara to Balea Lake, situated at 2.042 meters altitude, and running back the same route. This spectacular section is closed from October to June due to extreme weather conditions. 

In the beginning, the road has a few corners until the scenery changes entirely, and you’ll soon be blown away by the beauty of the mountains in front of you. Take your time, park only in designated areas and get lots of photos. A set of sharp hairpins will take you up at Balea Lake, where you can take a break and spend some time at your leisure. Additionally, you can discover the Balea Waterfall. 

Things to Keep in Mind before Driving the Transfagarasan Road 

  • Drive it early in the morning if you want to avoid the slow traffic. 
  • Make sure to plan a full day trip as you will be stopping many times, and you will be driving at a leisurely pace. 
  • Check and double-check the weather forecast if you want to enjoy the day to the fullest. 
Transfagarasan Road, 6 Best Day Trips From BRASOV, Romania
The fantastic Transfagarasan Road.

Alternative: Hike to Capra Saddle (Saua Caprei)

If your time allows you and you want to go on a short hike in the area: head to Capra Saddle (Saua Caprei). The 30 minutes hike from Balea Lake will bring you to a wonderful place, and you’ll be rewarded with beautiful views of the lake and the valley. On the high plateau, you will discover another beautiful lake, Capra Lake. This place is so pretty and so silent, much different than the Balea Lake area. 

A picnic at Capra Lake, surrounded by lovely views and total silence, could be an excellent idea, so bring some snacks and water with you. 

Capra Lake Romania
Capra Lake looks like the map of Romania, doesn’t it?


Hike to the Top of Romania: MOLDOVEANU PEAK

Distance: 134km to BALEA LAKE, 2hours drive and 15km hike to Moldoveanu Peak/one way

Although hard to do as a one day trip from Brasov, it is still manageable. If you are a good hiker and have a good pace, you can ascent Moldoveanu Peak and drive from Brasov the same day. But it’s going to be a very long and exhausting day.

Otherwise, the 15 kilometers hike from Balea Lake to Moldoveanu Peak and another 15 kilometers back to Balea Lake should include a night stay eighter at Podragu Chalet eighter at a Chalet around Balea Lake.

For the first part, you will be driving the famous section of the Transfagarasan Road, but it’s going to be dark, and you won’t see much, so consider driving the road on a different day. 

Moldoveanu Peak is the highest mountain peak in Romania at an elevation of 2.544 meters, known as the “ROOF” of Romania. The views are amazing, and the ascent is well worthed. 

Moldoveanu Peak, 6 best day trips from Brasov
Reaching the top of Romania can be so rewarding!

Things to Keep in Mind Before the Hike

  • I recommend this hike only between June and September since the days are longer and the weather warmer. 
  • Always check and double-check the weather forecast, especially the humidity. If it is too humid, the possibility to rain at some point is high. 
  • The trek is quite demanding, so do not underestimate it and remember it will be a very long day, therefore start early morning.
Amazing views over the valley on the way to Moldoveanu Peak.
And more amazing views over the valley on the way to Moldoveanu Peak.
And more amazing views over the valley on the way to Moldoveanu Peak.

I have an entire article about the ascent to Moldoveanu Peak, so if you are interested, read that one:



Explore the Moonlandscape of Romania – THE MUDDY VOLCANOES – VULCANII NOROIOSI

Distance: 153km, 2h30′ drive/one way

Only 153 kilometers from Brasov, you can find a unique and exciting phenomenon: active muddy volcanos. The geothermal activity from the deep blows methane and sulfur on the earth’s surface, forming dull lava.

This place is a must, considering those are the only muddy volcanoes in Eastern Europe. The small volcanoes from Paclele Mari and Paclele Mici are listed as a natural monument since 1924. 

Start with the ones from Paclele Mari and drive forward to Paclele Mici. If you only wish to visit one of the two places, I can highly recommend driving to Paclele Mici and visiting this area.

At Paclele Mari, leave the car at the free parking lot and walk to the entrance. Only a few steps away, you will discover many muddy hills, mini calderas, and bubbling pools. Since these small vulcanos are so dynamic and active, you can spend more than an hour observing every movement. 

After your first stop, drive forward north and reach Paclele Mici. At Paclele Mici, leave the car at the parking area and walk uphill for 500 meters until you reach the entrance. Once there, you will find yourself on a vast plateau, with one big crater and many holes made by rainwater draining on top. 


  • Summer, daily 9.00 – 20.00.
  • Winter, daily 9.00 – 16.00.
  • No visit during rainy days.

FEE – around 1€/adult, for each (Paclele Mari – Paclele Mici).

NOTE. It can be slippery, so walk carefully. Read all the signs for your own safety so you won’t get caught in the mud.


Visit SIGHISOARA, a Unesco World Heritage Site

Distance: 117 km, 1h30′ drive/one way

Only 117 kilometers from Brasov, you will discover another hidden gem of Romania, the city of Sighisoara. A small provincial town with a history dating back to the 12th century, right in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains. Sighisoara was founded by a hand of craftsmen, and soon after, the city was already home to 15 different guilds.  

The old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must-see for everyone traveling to this part of the country. Everything here is packed within walking distance, so visiting Sighisoara as a day trip from Brasov is easy to do.

Start your day with a coffee at Casa Cositorarului, inside the Citadel.

Before discovering the Citadel, take some time and enjoy a coffee or a tea and an excellent homemade cake at Casa Cositorarului. It is the perfect place for a hot drink on a cold winter day or a refreshment on a hot summer day. The location is full of charm, so quiet and colorful, away from the traffic and the noise. The refurbished old furniture gives a comfortable feeling, so don’t forget to snap a pic inside too.

Explore the cobblestone Alleys inside the Citadel

After a well-deserved treat at Casa Cositorarului, begin to explore the narrow streets and alleys. Start by accessing every tower and learning about each guild and artisans working here. 

Are you looking for some souvenirs? Forget the kitschy souvenirs, search for some home-made ones like ceramics, textiles, or woodwork. 

Sighisoara, Romania
Searching for souvenirs is not an easy task.

Climb the 176 covered stairs of Scholar’s Stairway (Scara Scolarilor) that connect the old town square with the Church on the Hill. Visit the Church on the Hill and the former German cemetery.

Sighisoara is also the birthplace of Vlad Dracula. You will bump into the bust of Vlad Tepes, which is nowadays associated with Dracula and Transylvania. 

Enjoy a delicious Lunch at Fortress Square.

After exploring the beautiful Citadel of Sighisoara, end your day trip at the Fortress Square (Piata Cetatii) and enjoy a delicious traditional lunch at one of the many restaurants.

6 best day trips from Brasov, Romania
Colorful buildings and many restaurants in Fortress Square. 
6 best day trips from Brasov, Romania
The Fortress Main Square – stop for lunch at one of the terraces.

NOTE. Sighisoara’s old town can be crowded in the summer, especially on weekends, but it’s well worth a visit.

I hope one of the 6-day trips from Brasov convinced you to discover the beautiful Transylvania Region in Romania!


6 Day Trips from Brasov. Interactive Map – Points of Interest.


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