La Digue is Seychelles’ third-largest island and home to about 2,500 residents. It is a small and beautiful island where you will find gorgeous beaches, crystal clear water, and impressive boulders. It’s a very easy island to cycle, so everyone travels by bike. If you decide to spend more time on the island, I would highly recommend visiting all the beaches to get the best understanding of La Digue. Find out more from this complete guide to La Digue Island in Seychelles!

Getting To and Around LA DIGUE


La Digue Island has no airport, so the standard way to get here is by ferry from Mahé Island or Praslin Island. The ferry service is very efficient, with several runs a day, and it’s affordable. If you travel in high season or during holidays, you should buy your tickets online, in advance. During the low season, buy tickets the day before.

  • Mahé to La Digue (via Praslin), the ferry takes 90 minutes and costs around 60€ (67$) one way and 120€ (135$) return/ per person.
  • Praslin to La Digue, the ferry takes 20 minutes and costs around 15€ (17$) one way and 30€ (34$) return/ per person.
Cat Cocos Ferry between the islands in Seychelles, a complete guide to la digue island in seycheles
We travelled by Cat Cocos Ferry between the islands in Seychelles.

Bike on LA DIGUE

The gorgeous island is tranquil, has only a few cars, and most tourists and locals use the bike as a transport method. It’s a real pleasure spending the day on a bike, exploring everything the island has to offer. The rental tends to be around 100 SCR (6,5€, 7,30$)/ day.

If you are coming to La Digue Island on a day trip, you’ll spot few bike rental stands when you get out of the ferry, so feel free to rent one and explore the island at your leisure.

If you are coming for a few days, you can also rent a bike through your accommodation, delivered straight to your door.

Everyone is travelling by bike on La Digue Island in Seychelles, a complete guide to La Digue Island in Seychelles
Everyone travels by bike on La Digue Island. 

Accommodation on LA DIGUE

The most affordable options in Seychelles are self-catering villas with a sleeping area, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a terrace. There are lots of accommodation choices around La Digue Island, the majority in the ferry terminal’s proximity.

We stayed at Orchid Self Catering Apartment, near the many restaurants & takeaways, the souvenir shops, near the beaches and the ferry. The apartment’s size was great, the kitchen facilities were pretty good, and the terrace cozy and intimate—everything we needed for the days spent on La Digue Island.

Our beautiful villa on La Digue Island, A complete guide to La Digue Island on Seychelles
Our beautiful villa on La Digue Island.

Beaches on LA DIGUE

Bike South and To The West Part of LA DIGUE ISLAND

Anse La Reunion

This beautiful long beach, with fine sand and plenty of shadows, is easy to access. The beach is perfect for families, close to many guesthouses, with bars and restaurants just nearby. Snorkeling and swimming are excellent in this area.   

Anse La Reunion, A Complete Guide to La Digue Island in Seychelles
Anse Source D’argent

Most tourists come to La Dique for a day trip to visit Anse Source d’Argent, often regarded as the most famous and most photographed beach in Seychelles. Consequently, the beach tends to be crowded despite the fact you have to pay for entrance. To get to it, you’ll have to pay an entrance fee at the L’Union Estate.

But the most famous doesn’t mean the most beautiful. For me, this beach was a great disappointment; the low water level and the presence of the seaweed made swimming impracticable in December. Meantime the masses made it impossible to find a proper spot in the shadow.  

Anse Pierrot 

If Anse Source d’Argent is not your thing, head to Anse Pierrot, only one kilometer away. Not very popular among the tourists, Anse Pierrot is a beautiful and deserted beach, also on L’Union Estate property. The crystal clear water, the amazing boulders, the gorgeous palm trees, and no one around ensures the perfect holiday spot. 

Anse Aux Cedres

Another unique beach in Seychelles, Anse aux Cedres, is also situated on L’Union Estate property. With plenty of cedar trees, beautiful water, and massive rocks, the beach guarantees the perfect spot for taking great photos. Swimming is dangerous here since the currents can be very tough, but the beach is mostly deserted. 

Anse Bonnet Carré 

In the south of the island, accessible only on foot via the sea at low tide from Anse Source d’Argent, you’ll discover the beautiful Anse Bonnet Carré. Be vigilant as the rocks can be slippery and wet. 

Read more about Anse Bonnet Carré and other secluded beaches in Seychelles here.

Anse Marron

Anse Marron is a wild and gorgeous beach in the south of the island. The beach is not easy to find, the hike through the jungle might be tricky, the rocks are sometimes slippery, but the effort of discovering it is well worth: golden sand, stunning granite rocks, pristine blue water, and no one around. 

Read more about Anse Marron and other secluded beaches in Seychelles here.

Grand Anse

One of the island’s most beautiful beaches, often deserted, with huge boulders, turquoise water, and a fantastic landscape, is Grand Anse. Ride your bike along a slowly ascending hill to get there, around 6 kilometers/30 minutes ride from the jetty; it’s not well signposted, so check out before on google maps or ask around. Once you arrive at Grand Anse, leave your bike near the nearby restaurant, and walk down the path. Bring plenty of water since there are no amenities on the beach. While the water entrance is steep and there is not much shadow to escape from the sun, the beach is stunning. Beware, sometimes the currents can be strong!

Grand Anse, a complete guide to Digue Island in Seychelles
Amazing views over the ocean from Grand Anse on La Digue Island.
Grand Anse, a complete guide to Digue Island in Seychelles
Petite Anse

Petite Anse is the small sister of Grand Anse. Follow the same road until you reach Grand Anse. From here, take the trail to Petite Anse: it’s a 10-minute easy hike through lush forest. The beach is beautiful and wide, with soft golden sand, huge boulders, and amazing turquoise water. There are strong currents, so be aware when swimming.

Petite Anse, a complete guide to Digue Island in Seychelles
Petite Anse, a complete guide to Digue Island in Seychelles
Anse Cocos

In my opinion, Anse Cocos is the most beautiful beach on La Digue and a must for everyone visiting Seychelles. From Petite Anse, hike another 30 minutes until you reach Anse Cocos. The hike is slightly more challenging, depending on your fitness level; the rocks can be slippery, so wear some proper shoes. Once here, you will encounter gorgeous golden sand, fantastic scenery, and clear water. There are not many spots to hide from the burning sun, but if you come early, you might find some. Don’t leave this place without enjoying a delicious cold drink at the Coco Bar!

Bike North and To the East Part of LA DIGUE Island – This Side is a Little Bit Rockier

Anse Severe

Located in the north part of the island, less than 10 minutes bike ride from the jetty, Anse Severe is a calm, beautiful, and very accessible beach. It’s a great spot to escape the sun as there is plenty of shadows. You can enjoy a coconut drink from the juice bars, or you can taste some snacks from the little stand up the road. The Aldabra tortoises roam free on the beach, so don’t forget to snap a photo.

Anse Patates 

Anse Patates is a small beach, with huge boulders, beautiful pristine water, and plenty of shadows, accessible from Patratan Hotel. An excellent spot for snorkeling, but be cautious as sometimes the currents can be rough. 

Gorgeous view over the ocean,A Complete Guide to La Digue Island in Seychelles
Anse Gaulettes

Anse Gaulettes is a quiet, lovely beach just near the paved road, with plenty of shadows, big rocks and a fantastic view of the ocean. Swimming can be dangerous as the waves are enormous sometimes. 

Anse Grosse Roche  

Anse Grosse Roche is well known for the large boulder that gives it its name. The path from the road down to the beach is not quickly noticeable, but it’s easy. The huge rock, the lovely beach, and the view over the ocean make the perfect photography location. 

The large boulder that gives the name: Anse Grosse Roche, A Complete Guide to La Digue Island in Seychelles
The large boulder that gives the name: Anse Grosse Roche
Anse Banane  

Anse Banane is a beautiful and tranquil beach, not great for swimming due to strong winds. If the waves are too big, have a drink at Chez Jules, the bar opposite the beach.

Anse Fourmis  

Anse Fourmis is a quiet secluded beach, not great for swimming but perfect for soaking some sun and enjoying the silence. The view over the sister’s islands Felicite and Marianne is impressive. Anse Fourmis is the last beach along the way. Here, the road ends suddenly.

Anse Caiman

The easiest way to reach this beach is from Anse Fourmis, where the road suddenly ends. Once you get there, leave your bike, climb the rocks in front of you and proceed through the water. Just be vigilant as the rocks can be slippery, so wearing water shoes might be a good idea. Don’t go through the lush forest as the path is tricky and hard to find. You will discover a tranquil beach, perfect for sunbathing, snorkeling, and taking photos.

Find out more about Anse Caiman and other secluded beaches in Seychelles here.

Takeaways and Restaurants

Seychelles is not a budget destination, and sit-in restaurants are pricey related to the quantity and quality of the food you receive.

That means takeaways are the first option for eating. Those are more affordable, and the food is delicious. Every day, the selection is different: freshly made fish, chicken, pork, veal, and vegetables, supplemented by rice&salad, chips, or even fried noodles. Always check the opening times, especially on holidays. Usually, those are closed on Sundays. 

Gloria Bakery & Takeaway

Opposite the jetty, Gloria Bakery is your alternative when everything is closed. You can choose from fish&chips, pizzas, sandwiches, and here you will find the most delicious icecream on the island: coconut & yogurt. Gloria Bakery has a generous terrace where you can sit and enjoy the meals.

Fish Trap Restaurant & Bar

A great dinner option, just near the jetty, although pricey, is Fish Trap Restaurant. The food is delicious, the drinks are good, and the view over the ocean is fantastic. 

Mi Mum’s Takeaway

Another great option on La Dique is Mi Mum’s Takeaway. The portions are generous, with some little touch-ups, the food is tasty and different every day. You can choose from different dishes like Chow Mein, Currys, pizzas, fish&chips, burgers and serve them on the beach nearby. Don’t go too late since this place is popular among locals, and you’ll have to wait a while in line. 

Delicious food from Mi Mum's, A Complete Guide to La Digue Island in Seychelles
Chez Marston

A lovely restaurant, not far away from the jetty, is Chez Marston Restaurant. Stop for breakfast, lunch, or dinner at reasonable prices. We loved the owner, who was always helpful and friendly. Chez Marston also has a small takeaway stand. The selection is different and delicious every day, and it disappears quickly. Chez Marston Takeaway offers an affordable breakfast option: two eggs, bacon, butter, and bread at 100 SCR.  

Takeaway from Chez Marston served on our terrace, A Complete Guide to La Digue Island in Seychelles
Gala Takeaway

Gala Takeaway has plenty to choose from – eighter on display or to order: lamb, chicken, fish, stews, curry, fries, juices, and shakes. Outdoor tables are available if you wish to sit and enjoy a good meal or take your containers to your terrace. Gala Takeaway has more variety than other takeaway places on the island, and the food is simply delicious and inexpensive. 

trying something delicious at Gala Takeaway, La Digue Island
Trying something delicious at Gala Takeaway. 
Gala Takeaway, La Digue Island
Gala Takeaway food selection.
Chez Julia

Chez Julia, situated on the other side of the island, between Anse Banane and Anse Fourmis, it’s a charming, traditional family restaurant with beautiful views over the ocean. You should try the octopus salad, the sour mango soup, and the juices.

Other Things To Do on LA DIGUE

L’Union Estate Property

A national heritage site, where you will find the famous Anse Source D’argent and other less known beaches like Anse Bonnet Carré or Anse aux Cedres is L’Union Estate Property. Just 50 meters after the helipad, you’ll find the entrance gate of the property. Pay the entrance fee: 115 SCR/8 €/9 $ (only for foreigners) and cycle around as much as you like. You can visit the Plantation House, admire the vanilla plantation, see lots of coconut trees, some Aldabra Tortoises, and you can enjoy a drink or meal at the house – restaurant.

Veuve Nature Reserve

The Veuve Nature Reserve is a small natural park in the middle of the island where you can spot paradise flycatchers, fruit bats and find out more about the island’s flora and fauna. The paths are well marked, and it takes around 45 minutes to cover the area. Remember to wear insect repellent as there are lots of mosquitos. 

Belle Vue Peak

For a panoramic view and a gorgeous sunset or sunrise, head to Belle Vue Peak. The road there is steep but well worth the effort. Eighter you bike or hike up, eighter you make a reservation at the Belle Vue restaurant, and they will pick you up from your accommodation. You’ll pay around 500 SCR/per person for meals and transport. The meal is good, nothing fancy, and the view is fantastic. 

I hope this complete guide to La Digue Island in Seychelles helped you with your planning! Safe travels!

A Complete Guide to La Digue Island – Interactive Map

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