I am a passionate skier, a spicy food lover, and I do everything with enthusiasm. I enjoy a good latte and a captivating book, I love smiling people and colours. 

I love countryside as much as I love a big city. I always travel with my pillow, electric toothbrush and my down jacket. I like to plan and organise everything before the trip, so I do not loose precious time once there. But in the same time, I am spontaneous and always open to new. 

I travel with my husband, who shares the same passion for travel. We started with city-breaks, weekend-getaways, road-trips through Europe, and when that wasn’t enough, we decided to travel overseas. We’re not big on museums or art galleries. Our understanding comes from being in the real world, and soaking up the experiences as they come our way. And we always appreciate local food.

Our holidays are usually no longer than two weeks and we are fortunate to have visited more than 40 countries and five continents. Travel is for everyone and does not have to be expensive. You don’t have to quit your job or sell your house to travel!  

We travel in many ways: cars, trains, buses, aeroplanes, but what got us lately are road trips. There is nothing like the freedom you get when driving your car — getting to choose when to stop, where to go, and what to see.

I started this blog to share our experiences, as many of our friends would often ask for travel tips. 

Travelling makes us feel home in so many places. So we always ask ourselves where to next?