6 Best Day Trips From BRASOV, Romania

The beautiful town of Brasov is the perfect base if you want to explore the region of Transylvania in Romania. I listed six 6 day trips from Brasov so if you’ve already visited the city and wish to go on a day trip, read the entire article and pick the journey that suits you better.

10 Reasons To Visit MISKOLC, Hungary

The industrial town is quite developed and offers a wide variety of free-time activities. Exploring the pedestrian streets, relaxing at the legendary Cave Bath of Miskolctapolca, discovering the royal Diósgyör Castle and walking through the terraced gardens of Lillafüred are among the 10 reasons to visit Miskolc.

One Day In JOHANNESBURG, South Africa

Johannesburg has become a trendy destination nowadays. Most of the times, people visit the city in one or two days, which is enough if you are on a tight schedule. The capital has a diverse range of historical attractions, modern shopping malls, lively nightlife and fantastic cuisine. If you want to find out how to plan one day in Johannesburg, read the entire article!

One Day Trip To The Stork Town MARCHEGG, Austria

Marchegg is home to the biggest white stork colony breeding in trees in Europe, that’s the reason why many tourists come to see them. But there is more: you can explore the Castles in the area and discover the old city walls, you can take a pleasant walk through the Au Reservation to witness flora and fauna and you can enjoy a delicious traditional meal.