Hiking Around GRÜNER SEE (GREEN LAKE), Austria

Finding a beautiful lake in Austria, it’s not hard since there are dozens. But not all of them have an amazing turquoise color like Grüner See (Green Lake), also known as Alpen’s Caribbean. Hiking around Grüner See (Green Lake) and spending some leisure time on a blanket at the waterfront grant the perfect getaway for every nature lover.  

Facts about GRÜNER SEE

Grüner See in Tragöss is one of the most beautiful nature places in Styria, Austria. During the early months, the lake gets filled up with water that melts from the Hochschwab Mountains and can reach a depth of up to 10 meters. At this time of the year, the color of the lake is changing into a gorgeous turquoise color, so that’s the reason why so many visitors choose to visit this natural beauty. In summer, the water level begins slowly to sink, and by autumn, it’s considerably low. In winter, the water almost disappears. The authorities were afraid that due to the high number of swimmers and divers, the lake’s striking color would turn into a cloudy brown color. They were also afraid that flora and fauna would be affected, so in conclusion, swimming and diving are forbidden since 2016.

Hiking around Grüner See
Amazing views over Hochschwab Mountains

Flower Path & GRÜNER SEE Walk – 10 KM – 3 hours 30 minutes

Hiking around Grüner See (Green Lake)
Hiking around Grüner See (Green Lake)

There are many trail options in the area, so find one that suits you before heading to the lake. We chose an easy route before heading to the lake and spending some time on a blanket in the sun. 

Choose a trail from the many options in the area

Flower Path – 2 HOURS

Highest Point: 1, 345m

First thing, find a parking place near the starting point of the trail, just after you exit Tragöss Oberort. If you can’t find any, leave the car at the Festsaal parking area, only 5 minutes walk from where the trail begins.

Festhaal parking lot, Tragöss
The parking lot from Festsaal in the middle of Tragöss
The Church seen from the parking lot

Follow trail nr. 844, in Messnerin direction. The first part of the hike is steep but manageable, through a pine forest. You’ll reach a viewpoint with lovely views over Tragöss.

Hiking around Grüner See (Green Lake)
A hike through the pine forest
Hiking around Grüner See (Green Lake)
Lovely views over the valley
From hier you can spot the parking space from Festsaal

Note: If you visit the area during April and Mai, you will see many Lilies of the Valley flowers. The smell is incredible, making the hike more delightful. But if you come during June and July, you will discover many Edelweiss flowers, the tiny rare white flowers which grow in the high Alps only. Remember, the Edelweiss flowers are protected, so don’t pick them up. 

Stay on the path, and in one hour, you will reach a junction, going to a hedge from where you can see the Green Lake. At this slight elevation, you’ll have a different perspective on photography as well.

Hiking around Grüner See, Austria
Hiking around Grüner See, Austria
It was crowded around the Green Lake

From here, you simply walk through the forest until you reach Grüner See (Green Lake). 

A beautiful walk through the forest

Grüner See Walk – 1 Hour

Highest Point: 793 m

A stroll around the lake takes around one hour, depending on how many times you stop. Although the surrounding mountains are imposing, the lake itself is pretty small. Being easily accessible during the spring and summer months, the area attracts many visitors; therefore, it gets crowded. But the water is so clear, and the landscape is stunning, so it’s all worth the effort of coming here. 

Hiking around Grüner See (Green Lake)
The gorgeous green colour of the Grüner See
Hiking around Grüner See (Green Lake)
Hiking around Grüner See (Green Lake)
Another angle to capture the beautiful colour of the lake

Pfarrerteich & Kreuzteich

On the way to the parking lot, you will find two small idyllic ponds Pfarrerteich and Kreuzteich. Make a little detour and walk around them. There are plenty of benches to sit on, so take a break and have a picnic. The area is quieter than Grüner See so you’ll have better chances to find a place just for yourselves. 

Hiking around Grüner See (Green Lake)
Hiking around Grüner See (Green Lake)

Messnerin Hike – 8 Kilometers – 5 Hours 

Highest Point: 1,836m 

Follow the same steps from the Flowers Path and hike until you reach the junction with Messnerin. From here, you’ll have another two hours to reach Messnerin Peak and two more hours to reach Green Lake.

the junction with Messnerin, Hiking around Grüner See
Hiking around Grüner See
The Messnerin Hole
Hiking around Grüner See

Things to know before the Visit

  • Entrance: FREE, no opening hours
  • The best way to come to Tragöss is by car. Parking: 4 EUR, 4.5USD / day.  TIP: Leave your car at the Festsaal parking lot, in the middle of Tragöss. It’s free of charge and it takes no more than 10 minutes to reach Green Lake.
  • Zenz Campingplace offers camping facilities if you choose to camp in Tragöss.
  • At Seehof Restaurant you can serve a delicious traditional lunch.
Serve a delicious traditional lunch at Seehof Restaurant, on the way to the parking lot.

Hiking around Green Lake (Grüner See) should be on everyone’s list traveling to this part of Austria. While most people prefer to walk around the lake, I encourage you to take your time and go on a hike through the forest before heading to the lake.







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