Maybe you’re wondering why anyone needs a guide for visiting the Dead Sea or why anyone should read an article on tips for swimming in the Dead Sea. That’s what I asked myself before traveling to Jordan, but I understood why after seeing tourists make mistakes during their visit. Luckily my mother toured this place before my visit, so she made sure to give me some tips before traveling to the Dead Sea. And now it’s my turn to pass these tips to you!

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Facts To Know Before Swimming In The Dead Sea

Views over the Dead Sea in Jordan

In which country is the Dead Sea?

Situated between Jordan and Israel, the Dead Sea is the actual border of the two countries. You can access the lake from both countries but with some rules to keep in mind. Whether you visit this vast lake from Jordan or Israel, swimming in the Dead Sea is an unbelievable experience!

The Dead Sea it’s not a sea

Did you know that the Dead Sea is not actually a sea; it’s a lake called Salt Sea, Sea of Lot, or Sea of Death? And not just a lake, but the deepest hypersaline lake in the world! And the lowest point on Earth is known for its healing properties for respiratory and skin issues.

Unfortunately, the Dead Sea is shrinking about a meter every year, so plan a visit as soon as possible! 

Why is the Dead Sea so salty?

The Dead Sea is fed with water by the freshwater springs. But the water gathered in the Dead Sea evaporates in this hot environment, leaving behind salt due to a lack of outpouring. Since it is so salty, no birds, fish, or plants live in and around the Dead Sea. Interesting fact, the water is about ten times saltier than the ocean. Can you imagine that? 

Best time to visit the Dead Sea

While Jordan is a year-round destination, I would skip the winter season. The temperature drops below freezing in the North, and you won’t get to experience swimming in the Dead Sea.

On the other hand, the summer months can be scorching as the temperature can rise to 45 degrees, and floating in the Dead Sea might seem impossible. 

Spring and autumn are the best options for visiting the Dead Sea. This is because the temperatures tend to be around mid-30 degrees with lots of sunshine, not too hot, and not too cold for swimming.


Where to swim in the Dead Sea 

pool view at Ramada Hotel in Jordan

The Dead Sea area is considered a border area with Israel, so many places are fenced and prohibited from entering. 

The Dead Sea hotels in Jordan are located on the northern side, and it’s the best part for having the finest floating experience. So, choose a hotel with direct access to the Dead Sea and enjoy its facilities.

For some, the hotel rates at the Dead Sea might seem high compared to other places in Jordan, but those are just regular prices analogized to other sites in the world. Remember, the offer is not huge, but you can find something for every budget. 

Since you can’t stay too long in the salty water, relaxing at the hotel pool is a great thing to do on a hot day. However, I wouldn’t recommend swimming in the Dead Sea in summer since the temperatures are scorching. 

Where to find the best views of the Dead Sea 

girl looking over Dead Sea in Jordan

You’ll find the best views of the Dead Sea in Jordan around Wadi Al Mujib or Mujib Bridge. Drive south for 40km from the hotel area, find a place to park the car, and walk along the shore. Just make sure to wear proper shoes not to hurt your feet.

Here, you’ll find many fantastic salt formations. And what blew my mind: I’d never expected to find such clear blue water!

You can also get in the water (if not signposted differently), but I wouldn’t recommend that. There are no showers to rinse, and staying with that salt on your body until later in the day is not an option. It will make you scratch like crazy! So instead, stop here only for the views! 

Interactive Map Of Where To Find The Best Spots Of The Dead Sea

Underneath, you’ll find a customized map that includes all the locations you might want to check out. I mentioned a few hotels in the North and a few places to glimpse the best views over the Dead Sea. Just open up this article on your phone and click on the frame in the upper right corner of this map. Google Maps app will open up, and you can check all the details. I hope it helps!

The Best Tips For Swimming In The Dead Sea


How to enter the Dead Sea 

A guide for entering the water? Apparently, not many know how to behave at first. Don’t panic; I got you covered! The golden rule: don’t run, plunge into the water, or splash; enter slowly! Once you’re about to belly-deep in the water, back lean your body as if trying to sit. Next, lose your legs; soon enough, you’ll feel the water supporting your body and preventing it from sinking. From this point, relax and enjoy swimming in the Dead Sea!

Savor floating to the fullest 

girl enjoying floating in the Dead Sea

Floating the Dead Sea has been on my bucket list for a while now. However, I never expected it to be so much fun: not standing correctly on my feet—a highlight on anyone’s itinerary traveling to Jordan. 

You might ask why floating? Well, since the water is ten times saltier than the ocean, swimming in the Dead Sea is not the correct statement; but instead, floating on the water’s surface is. You might feel some stomach muscle pains at some point, so make sure to relax and enjoy the experience!

Don’t get your head in the water 

You might laugh by reading this, but I’ve seen people getting their heads in the water and swimming in the Dead Sea. At least behaving as if this place was a freshwater lagoon. And boy, they screamed! It burned like hell, and the eyes wore swollen after that! So please, don’t get your head in the water! 

During my visit, it was interesting to see children wearing goggles and trying normal swimming in the Dead Sea. At first, I was a little confused, but it is a brilliant idea when you think about it. 

So, rule number one, try to keep your eyes and mouth away from the water. If water gets into your eye, don’t panic. But wash it up as soon as possible! 

Don’t stay too long in the Dead Sea 

swimming in the Dead Sea, Jordan

You might wonder why, since floating is so much fun. Well, the actual fact is that this salty water can dehydrate your body and cause electrolyte disproportion. Swimming in the Dead Sea for more than 20 minutes is not recommended, so make sure not to lose track of time. 

Instead, hydrate adequately and alternate your floating experience with pool relaxation. And, once again, rinse properly every time you get out of the water!

Rinse off your body after every bath 

After swimming in the Dead Sea, my advice would be to rinse off your body immediately! Trust me; you don’t want to stay with that salt on your body until you get to shower later in the day. Otherwise, you will be scratching all day long!

Another huge advantage of staying at a hotel with direct access is that those have shower facilities at the beach, and you can rinse your body with regular water as soon as you get out of the Dead Sea. 

Don’t come with bruises or scratches 

If you’re planning to tour Jordan, make sure to start with floating at the Dead Sea. Hiking upstream the current river in Wadi Mujib, strolling through the ancient town of Petra, or driving on a jeep at Wadi Rum might come with bruises and scratches. And you don’t want to get in the water like this since it will burn and heart like hell. 

Don’t shave before swimming in the Dead Sea 

girl swimming in the Dead Sea

It doesn’t come as a surprise after mentioning all the above. If you’re using a razor on a regular basis, forget about it for a couple of days before coming. You don’t want to ruin your stay at the Dead Sea due to razing cuts coming in contact with salt water!

Protect your valuables 

Even if swimming in the Dead Sea is a lifetime experience, you should protect your valuables! Leave your jewelry, watches, or the best sunglasses in the hotel room and keep your phones and cameras in a dry bag. The salty water and the salt particles in the air can damage them.

Don’t wear your best swimwear 

If you come with your new or favorite bikini, be prepared to ruin it. The salt level can easily ruin the color or the texture of the bikini, so make sure to wear your old swimwear. Leave the best wears for the pool or the Red Sea instead. 

Mudding your body might also affect your new swimwear, so consider that. Regardless of old or new, don’t forget to wash it in fresh water afterward.

Wear water shoes

Beach facilities at Ramada Jordan

Usually, the hotel’s area has a muddy and smooth entrance into the water. So you won’t be needing water shoes. But there are a few places outside the hotel where you can access the Dead Sea, and the bottom is covered with sharp salt crystals. 

In this case, you need to protect your feet by wearing water shoes unless you don’t want to have a horrible experience. 

We, for instance, wore clogs and avoided hearting our feet. But I guess a pair of flip-flops will work out just fine. 

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