Are you interested in discovering Malta by car but do not know where to start? Don’t you worry, I’ve got you covered! Find out from this perfect 6 days in Malta itinerary everything this gorgeous island has to offer: sandy beaches, limestone cliffs, old fishing villages, underground cemeteries, churches and miracles, old cities, and beautiful gardens!

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Overview of Your Perfect 6 Days in Malta Itinerary

This perfect 6 days in Malta itinerary gives you enough time to explore a little of what this fantastic island has to offer.

Day 1. Visit the old fishing villages of Marsaxlokk and Marsaskala, watch the locals jump from the cliffs at St. Peter’s Pool, go on a boat ride to discover the Blue Grotto, take a swim at Gnejna Beach, and later in the evening indulge in the local cuisine in Mgarr.

Day 2. Discover the beautiful towns of Rabat and Mdina and spend the rest of the day swimming at the Golden Bay.

Day 3.  Take the ferry to Gozo and discover everything the smaller island sister offers. On your return, visit Popeye Village’s viewpoint for some panoramic shots.

Day 4. Learn more about the miracle in Mosta, wander through the San Anton Gardens and spend some leisure time at Riviera Beach. Then, stroll St. Julians and Sliema’s promenade in the evening and set for dinner.

Day 5. Visit the capital of Valletta and the historical 3 Cities. If you’re into a hidden beach, drive to Imgieban Beach.

Day 6. Hike the Comino Island and relax at the Blue Lagoon.


Interactive Map of your 6 Days in Malta Itinerary

Underneath, you’ll find a customized map that includes all the locations mentioned in this article. Just open up this article on your phone and click on the frame in the upper right corner of this map. The Google Maps app will open, and you can check all the details. I hope it helps!


The Perfect 6 Days in Malta Itinerary 


Day 1. Marsaxlokk – Marsaskala – St. Peter’s Pool – Blue Grotto – Gnejna Beach – Dinner in Mgarr

Start your first day in Malta with a trip to some fishing villages, head to St. Peter’s Pool to watch the locals jumping from the cliffs, and go on a boat ride to Malta’s famous Blue Grotto. For the rest of the day, relax at Gneja Beach. Then, drive to Mgarr and stop at Il Bari Restaurant for the best Maltese dishes on the island.


Marsaxlokk and Marsaskala Old Villages

In the southeastern part of Malta, you’ll find the largest fishing village, which has a population of 4,000. The picturesque town of Marsaxlokk is famous for the Sunday fish market, where many locals buy the day’s catch.

Park the car near the promenade and take a short walk to admire the village or enjoy a cup of coffee at one of the many terraces.

Only 7 kilometers from Marsaxlokk lies the picturesque fishing village of Marsaskala, with 10,000 inhabitants. As many Maltese families own summer houses here, the lovely village turns vibrant in the summer months and the population doubles.

Park the car near the promenade and take a quick stroll around the area. You’ll see many lovely fishing boats, typical for Malta.

the view from the small harbour over the Parish Church in Marsaskala

Not far, overlooking the harbor, lies the Parish Church, a mid-20th-century church dedicated to St. Anna

After your visit here, drive another 2 kilometers until you reach the Salt Pans area. There are countless benches to sit and admire the salt pans system, the sea, and the waves.

overlooking the Salt Pans of Malta from the promenade

You can sit on the benches and enjoy the views over the Salt Pans from here.

Walking the promenade, look for the Scarlet Window, a tiny replica of the Azure Window from Gozo.

Scarlet Window in Malta

We bumped into the Scarlet Window on our 6 days in Malta itinerary by mistake. Would you say it’s a replica of the fallen Azure Window? Not really sure…

The rocky beach at St. Thomas Bay seen from the cliffs

The rocky beach at St. Thomas Bay

The promenade stretches then all the way to St.Thomas Bay, an excellent place for swimming and sunbathing. But first, find a spot to snap some photos from above before heading down to the rocky beach. Then, if time allows, you can visit one of the nearby towers: St. Thomas Tower, Mamo Tower, or De Redin Tower.


St. Peter’s Pool

watching locals jumping from the cliffs at Peter's Pool on our perfect 6 days in Malta itinerary

Close to Marsaxlokk, at the tip of Delimara Point, you’ll find one of Malta’s most beautiful natural swimming pools. The crystal clear water, with some turquoise and green colors, offers great snorkeling possibilities.

The road to St. Peter’s Pool is not the best, but manageable. Follow the signs, and you’ll find a designated parking lot. Leave the car here and stay as much as you want for a small fee.

The natural pool is popular among locals and tourists, offering great possibilities for plunging into the water. Unfortunately, the beach is relatively small, and finding a proper place to lie down is hard, especially in high season.

Blue Grotto

admiring the Blue Grotto from the cliffs it's a must for a perfect 6 days in Malta itinerary

Due to the high currents, we couldn’t go on a boat ride at Blue Grotto. Fortunately, we had the chance to do it in Gozo, and we loved it. Definitely a must on your 6 days in Malta itinerary.

A boat tour through the massive arch formation and the most beautiful turquoise water at Blue Grotto is something you can’t miss from your 6 days in Malta itinerary.

If you’ve heard about Malta, you’ve heard about Blue Grotto, a highly visited spot due to the cave system, which can be accessed only by boat.

Stop at the designated area for a panoramic catch of the cave system before heading down to the boat ramp.

Boat rides last 20 minutes and are available daily from 09:00 to 17:00 in summer and from 09:00 to 15:30 in winter, weather permitting.

Note. You can hop in a boat at Blue Grotto in Gozo if you skip this spot. The tour lasts 20 minutes, is less touristy, and you’ll see many rock formations and small caves.

Book your Blue Grotto & Sunday Market at Marsaxlokk Fishing Village

Gnejna Beach

people relaxing at Gnejna Beach in Malta

The popular sandy beach among the locals, Gnejna Beach, lies outside the beautiful town of Mgarr. The area has three sandy beaches, but this one is smaller and not so crowded, therefore quieter. Bring your goggles, as the crystal-clear water is excellent for snorkeling. What makes Gnejna striking is the colorful boatman houses and the gorgeous limestone cliffs bordering the bay.

people relaxing at Gneja Beach in Malta

Note. There are rocks inside the water, so wear water shoes or head to the right side to jump from the rocks. Parking can be tricky in high season, so make sure to come early if you wish to spend the entire day at the beach. There are some food and drink stalls near the beach.



the best-fried rabbit with garlic at Il Barri restaurant in Mgarr Malta

the best horsemeat stew at Il-Barri restaurant in Malta

After spending some leisure time at the beach, head to Mgarr town for dinner. Stop at Il-Barri restaurant, a family-run restaurant since 1940, for the best-fried rabbit with garlic and horsemeat stew. The Maltese dishes served here are supposed to be the best on the island. This is another must on your 6 days in Malta itinerary, so you should definitely give it a try.

view of the Parish Church Mgarr Malta

After dinner, pay a quick visit to the Parrish Church and stroll around the area.

discovering Mgarr city during an evening walk

you’ll find some cute terraces while wandering the streets in Mgarr

Malta by car, the perfect 6-day trip itinerary

Mgarr looks so beautiful and idyllic during the golden hour

If you feel inspired, you can stop for a drink at one of the few restaurants near the central square.


Day 2. St. Paul’s Catacombs – Rabat – Mdina – Dingli Cliffs – Golden Bay

Today, you’ll be driving to the beautiful towns of Rabat and Mdina. In the morning, visit Paul’s Catacombs and head to the Silent City for lunch or coffee. Make a quick stop to see the famous Dingli Cliffs before driving to Golden Bay and spending the rest of the day swimming and lazing in the sun.


St. Paul’s Catacombs & Rabat

strolling the paths of St. Paul's Catacombs in Malta

inside the many catacombs at St. Paul's place

Mdina’s charming neighbor, Rabat, houses Malta’s oldest Roman underground cemetery. Like the famous Hypogeum, but more affordable, the interconnected catacombs cover an area of 2,000 square meters. The name comes from the Apostle Paul, who brought Christianity to the island, and as a consequence, Malta became one of the first Roman colonies to convert. The site was first investigated by Dr. Antonio Caruana back in 1894.

Finding a parking space can be tricky but still manageable. Walk to the catacombs and explore underground life. There are over 30 hypogea, and 20 are open to the public. The remarkable labyrinth of tunnels carved out of the solid rock should definitely be on your 6 days in Malta itinerary. At St. Paul’s Catacombs, you’ll discover many archaeological artifacts, artworks, and skeletons. The site is easy to wander around, but you should wear comfortable shoes as you climb many stairs.

beautiful Maltese balconies along our way to Mdina, on your perfect 6 days in Malta itinerary

On your way to Mdina, you’ll stroll Rabat’s streets and squares; look for the colorful Maltese balconies.

view over St. Paul's Church near Mdina

On your way to Mdina, stop at Parish Church of St. Paul’s for a quick visit.


one of the entry gates to Mdina

If you want to explore the quieter side of life, head to Mdina, Malta’s capital in the Middle Ages, and stroll the sleepy streets. With more than 4,000 years of history, Mdina, or Silent City, is a peaceful fortress where you can get lost in the maze-like alleys. The fortress has only 300 residents, and only a few cars are allowed to drive inside.

One of the main attractions is St. Paul’s Cathedral, the oldest church in the country. You can admire the amazing architecture and gorgeous paintings for a 10€ fee.

exterior of St. Paul's Cathedral in Mdina

While strolling the streets, stop at Fiori di Mari for a sweet treat. Enjoy the ice cream while admiring the views over the island from the top of the bastions. 

stop and try the best icecream at Fior di Mari

We visited the Silent City in October, and the area was almost abandoned. After wandering the streets for a while and tasting the best ice cream, we declared Mdina our favorite place on the island. So glad we included this visit in our 6 days in Malta itinerary.

beautiful Maltese architecture inside Mdina in Malta

If you want to find out more about Mdina and Rabat, BOOK YOUR 2.5 HOURS GUIDED WALKING TOUR HERE 


Dingli Cliffs

beautiful coastline in Malta

We bumped into these cliffs on our way to St. Peter’s Pool during our 6 days in Malta itinerary.

If you are into rugged coastlines and cliffs, drive along the island’s western side and glance at these remarkable cliffs. Rising around 253 meters above sea level, Dingli Cliffs is the highest point in Malta. Once there, go on the trail to see the cliffs and admire the small church on the top. The walk is short, and the views along the edge are wonderful. The best time for photography is in the afternoon.

If Dingli Cliffs are not on your agenda, don’t get upset, as you’ll bump into many cliffs while driving the coastline of Malta.

Golden Bay

Golden Bay beach seen from the cliffs on a perfect 6 days in Malta itinerary

view over Golden Bay beach in Malta from the parking lot

After much walking and sightseeing, it is time to relax at Golden Bay, another great swimming and snorkeling option. Beautiful cliffs surround the bay, and the huge sandy beach is perfect for families and children. Parking is enormous, and there is a small bistro for takeaways and drinks. The beach is a favorite spot for parties and barbeques during the summer months.


Day 3. Gozo Island and Popeye Village

On your third day in Malta, wake up early so you’ll have plenty of time to discover everything Gozo has to offer. Before reaching the Cirkewwa, stop at Popeye Village’s viewpoint for panoramic shots. Or you can do it after you visit Gozo if time allows.

Popeye Village

Popeye Village, Malta by car, the perfect 6 day trip itinerary

The viewpoint over Popeye Village is amazing, don’t you agree?

The thematic park Popeye Village is not far away from Cirkewa, where the ferry to Gozo leaves. The Village was a film set for the musical production “Popeye” back in 1980. The place is now an attraction park, consisting of colorful wooden buildings with a few shows for entertainment, rides and games, and food stalls. One of the best things to do in Malta, especially if you have children, is to visit Popeye Village. If you want to spend a day at the beach, you can do it here: the water is crystal clear and calm.

If you don’t wish to visit the park, you can snap the village from a scenic spot outside the town, which is easy to reach by car.

Gozo Island

exterior of Ta'Pinu Sanctuary, The best things you can't miss in Malta

the exterior of the Ta Pinu Sanctuary in Gozo

Wied il-Ghasri, The best things you can't miss in Malta

the less-known Wied il-Ghasri in Gozo

A visit to Gozo Island should definitely be on your 6 days in Malta itinerary. First, drive to Cirkewwa and take the ferry over to Gozo. Start with a generous breakfast, then walk through the Citadel. Next, drive to the gorgeous Ta Pinu Sanctuary, buy some souvenirs from the Ta Dbiegi Craft Village, ride a boat at Gozo’s Blue Grotto, swim at Ramla Beach, and explore the salt pans from Marsalsforn.

Are you planning a day trip to Gozo by car? Then, read my complete guide: GOZO BY CAR – THE PERFECT ONE DAY IN GOZO ITINERARY.

If you don’t feel like driving around, joining a tour would be the best option to visit the island. BOOK YOUR GOZO AND COMINO FULL DAY SIGHTSEEING HERE

Day 4. Mosta – San Anton Gardens – Riviera Beach – St.Julians 

On this day, you’ll drive to Mosta to learn more about the miracle, wander through the San Anton Gardens, and spend some leisure time at Riviera Beach. Stroll St. Julians and Sliema’s promenade in the evening before settling at one of the many restaurants for a delicious meal and drink.


The Miracle of Mosta

visiting the amazing Miracle of Mosta church during our 6 days in Malta itinerary

Malta has 365 churches, one for every day of the year, but none has such a sensational story as The Church of the Assumption of Our Lady in Mosta.

During World War II, Malta was one of the most bombed countries on the planet. On 9th April 1942, a 500 kg bomb hit the church’s dome and landed inside. At that time, more than 300 people were inside the church for a mass. Fortunately and surprisingly, the bomb didn’t explode. It was a miracle! Many parishioners left while others stayed and prayed. Today, the Mosta is celebrated for its miracle and continues to attract many tourists.

visiting the amazing Miracle of Mosta church during our perfect 6 days in Malta itinerary

What makes this church so unique? The spherical shape, the gorgeous 37-meter dome, the baby blue walls, and the Jesus paintings. While touring the church, make sure to stop for a short movie introducing the events and head to the bomb’s replica.

TIP. I would recommend buying the full tickets so you will get the chance to walk the 74 stairs to the dome, admire the views from the roof and visit the air-raid shelter where people gathered during the Italian bombing campaign; the entrance just outside the church.


San Anton Gardens

a fountain inside the San Anton Gardens in Malta

a couple of swans at San Anton Gardens on a perfect 6 days in Malta itinerary

A visit to San Anton Gardens is the perfect choice if you want to spend an hour or so in the shade, away from the traffic and the heat. Part of the official residence of Malta’s President, San Anton Gardens are open to the public. The walled gardens provide a lovely array of different plants and flowers, many fountains, and beautiful trees. The place is so peaceful and quiet! The gardens came as a surprise to us: we didn’t expect to see so many peacocks, hens, or turtles!

Riviera/Ghajn Beach

view from the cliffs over Riviera/Ghajn Beach

I have to be honest: Riviera Beach is my favorite beach in Malta. Yes, it is crowded and busy, but the panoramic views are amazing. Also, the limestone cliffs surrounding this bay, with no buildings to obstruct the views, are amazing.

You’ll have to walk down some stairs to the beach, but once there, you’ll discover enough space to find a quiet spot. The entrance into the water is smooth, and the water is crystal clear. There is also a restaurant serving different kinds of dishes and drinks.

We got there on a windy day, and everyone was euphoric about the waves’ high and strength.

St Julian’s & Sliema Promenade

Sliema promenade, the perfect spot for sunsets during the perfect 6 days in Malta itinerary

St. Julian’s and Sliema are two popular tourist spots in Malta, north of Valletta. The towns are considered Malta’s nightlife hub, providing a huge diversity of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. For sure, the best way to know these places is by taking a stroll along the promenade that connects them. The walk along the shore is enjoyable and vibrant, and you should include it in your 6 days in Malta itinerary.

Make sure not to miss Balluta Bay, where you’ll spot locals and tourists taking a swim at the tiny beach. Nearby are the famous historical architecture Balluta Building and the gorgeous Basilica of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

At Spinola Bay, you’ll find many restaurants, coffeehouses, and bars. Don’t you know where to stop? No need to worry; the options are endless: from Maltese restaurants to Italian and Asian Cuisine, from Turkish to Balkans kitchens.

If you want to relax for a while, grab an ice cream and rest on a bench at Independence Gardens, one of Sliema’s largest parks.

Day 5. Valletta – The 3 Cities – Imgieban Beach

On your fifth day, you’ll wander the streets of Valletta, marvel at the famous Caravaggio’s masterpiece, and take the ferry to the 3 Cities. After so much sightseeing you’ll spend the rest of the day at the beach, doing nothing.

The UNESCO heritage city of Valletta is one of the most visited in Malta and a must on 6 days in Malta itinerary. Built on a hill between two harbors, Valletta had fortified walls to protect it from conquerors. Nevertheless, the impact of the Knights of St John was meaningful for Valletta, and you’ll notice that in the incredible architecture.

Leave your car at one of the parking lots near the capital and walk through the main entrance. Have a delicious breakfast at one of the many restaurants while observing the locals and tourists commuting around the area.


Co-Cathedral of St. John

seeing the famous Caravaggio's painting is a must for the perfect 6 days in Malta itinerary

Start your visit to Valletta with the gorgeous Co-Cathedral of St. John, Valletta’s main attraction. Built in 1571 and completed six years later, the church had minimal decoration at first. But, in the late 16th century, the cathedral became one of the most abundant ones. Take an audio guide and follow the instructions. You’ll pass by eight chapels, each given to one of the languages of the Order. The marble floor houses the tombs of the Knights and priests. Finally, head to the famous Caravaggio’s artwork, which attracts many visitors.

Stroll the streets of Valletta

gorgeous Maltese building spotted on a 6 days in Malta itinerary

Valletta has so many attractions, but strolling the streets should be high on your list. The capital has 12 parallel streets, which can be steep, with many providing harbor views. While wandering the streets, admire the Parliament buildings’ architecture, the Manoel Theatre, or the Old Opera House. Next, discover Republic Street and Merchant Street, which have many restaurants, cafes, and handmade and jewelry stores.



The Lower and Upper Barrakka Gardens

On top of the Christopher Bastion lies the Lower Barrakka Gardens, a quiet and intimate park in the city’s middle. Find a bench in the shadows and admire the views from here.

Around noon, head to Upper Barrakka Gardens. One of the main activities here is the midday gun salute or the Saluting Battery, which occurs every day. The views here are unique, and you can recognize the 3 Cities and many forts in the distance.


The 3 Cities

the views from the Barrakka Gardens over the 3 Cities are stunning!

The 3 Cities are easy to reach from the Upper Barrakka Garden by taking the panoramic lift. After the exit, cross the street, and you’ll reach the pier. From here, hop on a 10-minute shuttle boat to the cities of Vittotiosa (where the shuttle boat leaves you), Senglosa, and Cospicua.

Take some time and explore them on foot or take the tiny tourist train. You will bump into many restaurants and different kinds of shops.

Imgieban Beach

After so many hours wandering the streets, now it’s time to relax, so if you feel adventurous and want to have a beach only to yourself, drive 25 kilometers to Imgieban Bay.

Located in the northern part of Malta, the bay is not easy to reach but well worth it. Keep the road to Selmun and once you see the Selmun Palace, turn left on the twisting road that takes you to this small bay. The road is one lane, and you might bump into other cars coming from the opposite way. If you’re not confident driving this road, leave the car at Selmun Palace, but the walk to the beach will take 20 minutes or so.

Once there, leave the car at the small designated area and walk down to the beach. Usually, the place is deserted, and you’ll have the whole beach only to yourself. So bring your goggles and water shoes and explore the rocky area on the right-hand side.

Imgieban Beach, Malta by car - the perfect 6-day trip itinerary

Don’t get scared; the road is manageable.

Views over Imgieban Beach on a perfect 6 days in Malta itinerary

An empty stretch of sandy and rocky beach…

Day 6. Comino Island

The best things to do in Comino, Malta

Another place you’ll want to include in your 6 days in Malta itinerary is definitely Comino, a paradise for swimmers, snorkelers, divers, and hikers.

Although Comino is known for the legendary Blue Lagoon with its gorgeous turquoise crystal water, there is much more to do and see on the island. A stroll on the island, a visit to St Mary’s Tower, a swim at the Blue Lagoon, or a break at one of the secluded beaches are among the things to do in Comino.

gorgeous Blue Lagoon in Comino

If you want to find out all the things you can do In Comino, read my explicit blog post: THE BEST THINGS TO DO IN COMINO.

The only way to get to Comino is by ferry, so BOOK YOUR TICKETS TO COMINO HERE.


Malta Travel Resources

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You can discover Malta by renting a car. Being a small island, you can get from the south to the north in less than an hour. The best site to book a rental car in Malta is DISCOVER CARS. This easy-to-use booking platform compares car rental deals from many trusted companies, which enables them to secure the best car rental prices. And they usually include insurance.

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