Between Malta and Gozo lies the sister island of Comino, a paradise for swimmers, snorkelers, divers, and hikers. The coastline is delineated by limestone cliffs, a few sandy beaches, and deep caves and coves. Although Comino is known for the legendary Blue Lagoon with its gorgeous turquoise crystal water, there is much more to do and see on the island. A stroll on the island, a visit to St Mary’s Tower, a swim at the Blue Lagoon, or some leisure time at Crystal Lagoon are some of the best things to do in Comino.

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The best things to do in Comino. Useful info for visiting Comino

Facts about Comino Island

Comino Island, Malta, seen from the airplane

Can you believe what this place looked like back in 2005? I visited the island of Comino 15 years ago, and this place was a place of tranquillity, not touched by mass tourism. Apparently, over the years, the spot became so popular and crowded that some might feel disappointed.

Comino is Malta and Gozo’s smallest sibling, a 3.5km² small island, 2km long and 1.5km wide. There are three sandy beaches on the island and only 4 people reside on the island. A priest and one policeman commute from Gozo’s island every day.

The island gets its name (Kemmuna) from the cumin plant that once grew on the island and now it’s a wildlife sanctuary.

In Roman times, the island was inhabited by farmers, then abandoned and used as hunting and recreational grounds by the Knights of Malta in later years. In the 16th and 17th centuries, Comino turned into a place of exile for rambling knights.

The only buildings on the island are the Comino hotel, the Watch Tower, a chapel, the police station, and an abandoned pig farm. Comino Hotel, the only hotel on the island, doesn’t operate anymore since autumn 2019. There are no roads on Comino, although you will spot a few cars. If you wish to spend a few days on Comino, only camping is allowed.

How to get to Comino Island

Luzzu Cruises in Comino, waiting for the tourits to embark back to Malta

Comino Ferries

The company provides transportation between Malta and Comino for 13€ round trip. 

Departures from Marfa and Cirkewwa, Malta: every half an hour from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Comino’s trip takes 25 minutes, and the return trip is 35 minutes as you will stop to see the Comino Caves.

Departures from Comino to Malta: every hour from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm and two more at 4 pm and 5 pm. 

Find more on their webpage.

Comino Ferry Service 

Comino ferry service offers transportation between the islands of Comino and Malta. The ferry service departs every 30 minutes, from 8:00 am to 06:00 pm from Cirkewwa, Malta to Blue Lagoon, Comino. 

Find more on their webpage.

Comino Boat Tours 

If you don’t have a car or don’t want to drive to Cirkewwa, you can opt for a boat tour. You can find the tour operators along the promenade in Sliema, St. Julian’s, or Bugibba. Or you can find them online.

Usually, you’ll have 3 hours for Blue Lagoon and another 45 minutes swimming either in St. Niklaw Bay or Crystal Lagoon, depending on wind direction. On the way back, you’ll get the chance to snap the caves and contemplate the limestone cliffs along the route.


What you’ll find on Comino Island

Usually, the boats disembark near Blue Lagoon and as soon as you get out of the boat you’ll bump into a crowded area. The lagoon does get extremely busy, particularly in summer and on weekends. There are a few bars and shops with everything you might need, so don’t bother bringing too much stuff on the island. 

From the small shops, you can buy goggles and water shoes, inflatable pink flamingos, or other types of lifelines, bathing suits, sunscreens, handicrafts, and souvenirs. 

food stalls on Comino Island, Malta

the offer on food is great on Comino Island

If you’re hungry, the food trucks serve salads, fried calamari, fries, all kinds of burgers and wraps, ice cream, fruit salads and drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. And the quality is pretty good. I guess you can find anything you wish for here. 

There are chairs and umbrellas to rent and the lifeguards on duty from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm. Also, in case you want to store your things, there are lockers, in different sizes. And lastly, there are public toilets and showers.

For those looking for some fun activities, there are parasailing and banana boat rides, definitely one of the best things to do in Comino. 

Map of the best places to visit in Comino Island

Underneath, you’ll find a customized map that includes all the locations you might want to check out on Comino Island. Just open up this article on your phone and click on the frame in the upper right corner of this map. Google Maps app will open up, and you can check all the details. I hope it helps!

The best things to do in Comino Island. The perfect itinerary for one day in Comino

Blue Lagoon

gorgeous Blue Lagoon

The color of the water is simply amazing.

Blue Lagoon, Comino’s main attraction, is a gorgeous bay with crystal clear water. It’s the only place where you will find this color and clarity of the water in Malta, so no wonder it became a famous spot. Anyone who loves swimming in crystal clear water, snorkeling, or lazing in the sun should visit the beautiful Blue Lagoon.

In the peak season, from June to September, the bay will be crowded with people. It’s also the place where all the ships coming from Malta or Gozo disembark. The beach is quite small, and finding a proper place to lay down is hard to do, so most visitors will climb and sit on the rocks above the bay. 

crowded Blue Lagoon on Comino Island

Cominotto Island

Across Blue Lagoon is Cominotto islet, a small stretch of sandy beach

Across Blue Lagoon is Cominotto islet, a small stretch of sandy beach. You can swim to Cominotto or take a shuttle service from Blue Lagoon for a small fee. You can lay down in the sun, swim, and relax, or you can climb up the cliffs on the other side of the islet.

Blue Lagoon was not what we’d expected on an October day, as it was overcrowded and the music was screaming from one of the snack bars. We couldn’t resist all that, so after a quick stop here, we swam to Cominotto, came back the same way, and walked around the island to discover all the best things to do in Comino.

Comino Island Walk

stunning views while strolling the paths of Comino Island

If you are not interested in spending the whole time at the beach, the pathways and trails will keep you occupied for the rest of the day. A walk around the island on the main trail is about 7km and it’s with no doubt one of the best things to do in Comino. You can explore the paths along the cliffs, walk into the island’s interior and discover the abandoned buildings and the St. Mary’s tower. We’ve walked a whole loop and met no one else; thus, it felt like we were alone on a deserted island.

If you’re walking during the summer months, be sure to take plenty of water with you. Besides the snack bars near the Blue Lagoon, there is no other refreshment spot. We’ve walked the island in October, and it was over 35degrees.

Crystal Lagoon

beautiful and quiet Crystal Lagoon

If you walk a little bit further South of Blue Lagoon, you will find the Crystal Lagoon, another excellent spot for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. Keep in mind; this is not a proper beach. The lagoon is mostly rocky, and access to and from the water is hard. But if you manage to climb the rocks, it’s perfect.

The Abandoned Hospital

On your way to St. Mary’s Tower, you will bump into an abandoned building. Back in the day, the hospital was used for soldiers returning home from the battles. There is not much to do here, and you can’t go inside as some parts of the building are still in use for private purposes.

St. Mary’s Tower

St. Mary's Tower seen from all over the island

Located in the southern part of the island, the only fortification on Comino island is St. Mary’s Tower. Striking as soon as you approach the island, it is one of the best places to visit in Comino. The tower was built to improve communications between Malta and Gozo during the Knights’ times. It became a prison for spies or minor crime convictions and, years later, an isolation hospital. 

St Mary’s tower is located at 80 meters above sea level, and it’s 12 meters tall. Due to the exposition to the winds and sea, the tower has deteriorated. The restoration began in 2002 and lasted two years. 

Now the tower is open every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from 10:30 am to 3:00 pm, from April to October. If you spot the Knight’s flag flying above the tower, you can visit it, free of charge.

Otherwise, you can still go to the tower and admire the views over the island. It will take a 15-minute uphill walk from the disembarkment point in Blue Lagoon.

St. Mary’s Gun Battery

If you follow the road, you can reach the St. Mary’s Gun Battery in no more than 15 minutes. The semi-circular gun platform was designed to protect the channel between Comino and Malta. The Battery went through restorations as well, and it is open all year round.

Chapel of Our Lady’s Return From Egypt

The Roman Catholic chapel was built in 1618 and dedicated to the Angel Gabriel’s announcement to the Virgin Mary. The chapel is still in use for the few inhabitants of the island. 

St. Mary’s Bay

The only police station on the island is also near St. Mary's Bay.

The only police station on the island is also near St. Mary’s Bay.

Just beneath the Chapel, you’ll find another beautiful spot with crystal clear turquoise water. If Blue Lagoon is not your thing and you are looking for something more quiet and remote, head to St. Mary’s Bay.

The walk from the Blue Lagoon or the Battery takes no more than 20 minutes for the 1,5km. The area is secluded, and you’ll definitely have a spot only for you. 

St. Mary’s Cave

St. Mary's Cave, only reachable from water

The beautiful cave is the ideal place for snorkeling and scuba diving. Unfortunately, the cave is not accessible by land, only by water. But if you’re interested in diving, you will find some diving centers in Malta or Gozo, organizing some tours here. 

St. Niklaw Bay

beautiful Comino Hotel, not in use anymore

The only hotel on the island, Comino Hotel, isn’t operating anymore. It closed its doors in the autumn of 2019, and now the area is deserted. The two small sandy beaches of Niklaw Bay were exclusively accessible to the hotel’s guests. Anyone else could use the premises only or have lunch or a drink at the bar.

Although the area is fenced, you will manage to find a path leading to the sea. So you will have an entire beach completely to yourselves. 

Tal Ful Camping Site 

Not far away from St. Niklaw Bay, you can choose to camp at Tal Ful Campsite. Campers need to apply to the Environment Resources Authority (ERA) to be granted permission to pitch their tents on this campsite.

Conclusions to the best things to do in Comino

If you’re going on a hike, make sure to wear walking shoes. It can get hot so bring plenty of water and wear a hat and long leaves. You can’t take your car to Comino but don’t worry; it’s a small place to explore on foot. Arrive at the Blue Lagoon as early as possible if you want to secure a spot near the water. Toilet facilities are near the Blue Lagoon only.

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