The Best 7 Secluded Beaches In SEYCHELLES

Top 5 secluded beaches in Seychelles

Seychelles is a group of 115 islands where you will find the most transparent and turquoise water, gorgeous beaches, and huge granite boulders. While some beaches are easy to access, others are quite challenging to reach, requiring some hiking or climbing. If you want to find out which are the best 7 secluded beaches in Seychelles, read the entire article:


Coordinates: 4°47’42.7″S 55°32’08.1″E

Not many tourists know about this place: a wild and spotless beach at the end of a 45-minute hike from Anse Marie-Louise through caves and lush forest.

Leave your car at Chalet d’ Anse Forbans and follow the shore until you reach a house. From here, take the small path down to Anse Capucins. The other route leads to Anse Petite Boileau, but it takes too long, and you might get lost, so that I wouldn’t recommend it. Read down below on how to reach Anse Petite Boileau – the smooth way!

You can stop along the trail to swim or sunbathe or keep going till you reach Anse Capucins. For sure you’ll have the place only to yourselves. The currents can be rough sometimes, so take good care while swimming.

Anse Capucins holds second place in my top 7 secluded beaches in Seychelles.

Anse Capucins, Top 7 secluded beaches in Seychelles
We spotted a spider web on the way to Anse Capucins.
Anse Capucins, Top 7 secluded beaches in Seychelles
Gorgeous views over the ocean from Anse Capucins. Definitely one of the best 7 secluded beaches in Seychelles!


Coordinates: 4°48’05.8″S 55°31’45.0″E

A hidden gem in the very south of MAHÉ, this incredible beach can only be accessed by foot or by boat. You can reach the beach eighter from Anse Capucins (the heaviest way) eighter from Petite Police (the most accessible way and the way we did it). 

We heard about Anse Petit Boileau from the locals, only by mistake. It seems like a former president wished for him and his family a private road to access this beach. So a road was made, protected by two gates at any times so that none could pass. Now everything is abandoned, and mother nature takes her tribute by covering everything with thick vegetation. After visiting other secluded beaches, I can say this one was by far our favorite one!

Anse Petite Boileau, Mahé Island, Top 5 secluded beaches in Seychelles
Park the car near Petite Police beach, turn left on Chemin Grande Police and follow the road until you reach Anse Petite Boileau.

You’ll have to park the car near Petite Police beach (see foto), turn left and follow the road. The trail is rough, unmarked, and goes through a lush but beautiful forest. The hike takes around 60 minutes. It might get creepy as you’ll find all by yourselves surrounded by thick vegetation but be chill and enjoy the sounds, nature, and the hike. There’s nothing scary, and the road takes you straight to the beach, so no worries that you will get lost.  

ANSE PETITE BOILEAU, MAHÉ ISLAND, Top 7 secluded beaches in Seychelles
The narrow road that takes you to ANSE PETITE BOILEAU, MAHÉ ISLAND
ANSE PETITE BOILEAU, MAHÉ ISLAND, top 7 secluded beaches in seychelles
Stay on the road and you’ll find this secluded beach.

Once you get to the beach, you will realize it was all worth it as you will be rewarded with: a virgin beach, unspoiled sand, and turquoise water, or even some sea turtle tracks. The currents are sometimes rough, so be vigilant. We were lucky enough as the sea was calm and we could swim all day long. We loved this beach so much, and we will definitely come back someday!

ANSE PETITE BOILEAU, MAHÉ ISLAND, Top 7 secluded beaches in Seychelles
ANSE PETITE BOILEAU, MAHÉ ISLAND, Top 7 secluded beaches in Seychelles


Coordinates: 4°21’41.3″S 55°51’10.5″E

Anse Caiman is the only beach on La Dique, accessible on foot, where you can be entirely on your own. You can reach it eighter from Anse Coco’s eighter from Anse Fourmis. The easiest way is from Anse Fourmis, where the road ends, so once you get there, leave your bike and prepare for some climbing. While many tourists try and only a few succeed to get there by hiking through the dense forest, I wouldn’t recommend it. There are no directions, the forest is thick, the path is slippery, and you can easily get lost.

I would suggest going the easy way: climbing the rocks in the first part and then going through the water. Just be vigilant as the rocks can be wet. Once there, you will discover a tranquil beach, perfect for sunbathing, snorkeling, and taking photos. Behind the beach, there are the ruins of an old house and a seawater basin.

Anse Caiman, Top 7 secluded beaches in Seychelles
Amazing view over the sea at Anse Caiman.


 Coordinates: 4°22’58.6″S 55°50’18.1″E

Anse Marron is a wild and gorgeous beach in the south of La Digue island. The beach is not easy to find, the hike through the jungle might be tricky, the rocks are sometimes slippery, but the effort of discovering it is well worth: golden sand, stunning granite rocks, pristine blue water, and no one around. 

The beach became very popular nowadays, so the path is well beaten and evident. The scenic way is coming from Grand Anse. The beach has a small salted pool protected by huge boulders, making it the perfect spot for taking awesome and unique photos. Beyond the small pond, the water gets deep instantly, so be careful when swimming. If you are not confident enough to walk on your own or finding a safe route, hire a tour guide to take you there.


Coordinates: 4°22’56.9″S 55°50’13.0″E

A remote and very isolated beach in the south of the island, accessible only on foot via the sea at low tide from Anse Source d’Argent. Be vigilant as the rocks can be slippery and wet. 

Anse Bonnet Carré is about 1.5 km south of the L’Union Estate entrance, so if you want to see more than the famous Anse Source d’Argent, head to Anse Bonnet Carré. Tourists hardly hit the area, so if you’re lucky, you can encounter sea turtles nesting during the breeding season. This beach is also an excellent place for snorkeling; the water is shallow, but sometimes powerful currents occur. 


Coordinates: 4°37’35.2″S 55°23’07.5″E

Anse Major is a must, especially if you are staying in Beau Vallon and you enjoy hiking. You can take bus 21 until Ben Ombre station, or you can leave your car at the end of the Ben Ombre road and walk from there to Anse Major. The hike takes around one hour and is relatively easy since you walk straight, and you can’t get lost, but it will be hot. The gorgeous path takes you to a beautiful, empty beach. The views are spectacular, and the water is crystal clear but be aware the waves can be huge sometimes.

Top 7 secluded beaches in Seychelles
Views over Anse Major.
Top 7 secluded beaches in Seychelles
Anse Major


Coordinates: 4°38’30.9″S 55°22’48.6″E

Cap Ternay is the furthest you could reach along the west coast road in Mahé. Although it’s easy to reach and no hiking or climbing is requested, Cap Ternay is almost empty all the time, so it deserves a place in this top 7 secluded beaches in Seychelles.

Cap Ternay
Heading to Cap Ternay

Leave the car before the gates and make your way to the beach. It will take no more than 5 minutes. You’ll pass some buildings on your left-hand side with people leaving there. Then you’ll pass some abandoned buildings as here was the Seychelles Youth Village in the eighties. You can imagine how the kids lived here, how their life used to be.

Cap Ternay
Leave the gate behind and walk to the beach

Once there, enjoy a perfect day at the beach: plenty of shadows, calm and shallow water, so this beach is an ideal spot for families with children. We even saw a security guard watching the area all the time.

Seychelles Youth Village, Cap Ternay
On this ground used to be the Seychelles Youth Village
Cap Ternay
Plenty of shadow on the beach

Things To Know Before The Visit:

  • All beaches are accessible from the water, so you can easily find a Taxi Boat to take you to those places. But where’s the fun? 
  • Be sure to pack plenty of water and food as there are no amenities on any of these beaches. 
  • Use insect repellent, sunscreen, a hat for sun and sunglasses.
  • Wear trekking shoes or similar and forget the flip flops as the rocks are slippery most of the time.
  • Use GPS coordinates on google maps if possible so you won’t get lost.

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