Are you looking for the best ski resorts in Ennstal Valley, Austria, and you can’t decide which one to choose for your holiday? Find out from this article everything you need to know about this gorgeous area. My tips will help you better plan your perfect ski or snowboard day, so make sure to note them down!

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The 4 Mountain Ski Area: Hauser Kaibling, Planai, Hochwurzen, Reiteralm – The Largest Ski Resort in Ennstal Valley

girl in front of the 4-Berge Ski Plate overlooking the Enns Valley

Hauser Kaibling, Planai, Hochwurzen, and Reiteralm are the four interlinked mountains forming the unique 4 Mountain Ski Area, one of Austria’s best ski areas and the largest from Ennstal Valley.

The region includes 123 kilometers of uninterrupted ski runs, 44 lifts, and cable cars and reaches altitudes up to 2,015 meters. There are ski runs for every ski or snowboard level; for the more adventurous ones, you’ll get 8 kilometers of black slopes. In case you wish to enjoy a hot drink or something to eat, the options are tremendous: 57 ski huts are waiting for you with everything you’ve dreamed of, from delicious food to incredible atmosphere and Austrian hospitality. 

Each resort has a distinct charm and an incredible landscape, so I would highly recommend trying them all and deciding which one you enjoyed the most!

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Hauser Kaibling

Ennstal Valley’s easternmost ski area, Hauser Kaibling, is an award-recognized ski region, offering a gorgeous panorama view over the Enns Valley and Dachstein glacier. This resort attracts masses of tourists from all over the world, especially on weekends. The parking area near the 8-seater gondola is generous, so you’ll easily find a place; the time doesn’t matter. Just hop on your boots, and you are good to go. 

There are 46 kilometers of ski runs( the longest ski run is 7 kilometers) and 15 ski huts.  At Hauser Kaibling, you’ll reach the four mountain region’s highest point, at 2,015 meters. 

The FIS World Cup race slope is a must for every skier and snowboarder. However, if you are not a skilled skier, take the detours, and you’ll reach the valley with no problems. 

If you want to avoid the crowds, start your adventure at the easternmost point of the region, at Höpsi. You’ll have to drive up a winding road, and since the parking lot is not huge, finding a spot can be tricky, but the area is quiet and beautiful. So take the chairlift, which gets you to the mountain, and start your adventure here!

Once at the top, a tip goes for one or two downhill rides back to Höpsi for the best snow experience first thing in the morning! Trust me on that! After this, have fun and discover the gorgeous 4 Mountain Ski Area! By the end of the day, return to Höpsi. I guarantee you that it is possible to do it in only one day!



gorgeous views at Hauser Kaibling, best ski resorts in Ennstal Valley

The town of Schladming is a popular holiday resort both in summer and winter. An award-recognized ski area, Planai attracts countless visitors from all over the world. 

Finding a parking place can be tricky, so arrive first thing in the morning. Once here, hop on the gondola that takes you up to the mountain’s peak at an altitude of 1,758 m. From here, you can ride east, towards Hauser Kailbling, or west, towards Hochwurzen and Reiteralm. Eighterway, the area is gorgeous! Remember to take plenty of photos of the Dachstein massif!

The longest ski run at Planai is 4.8 kilometers, a must for every skier. Head to slope number 33 for a gorgeous 3 kilometers downhill if you fancy night skiing.

If you want to warm up with a cup of tea or hot chocolate, there are plenty of huts to please every taste. 

Planai is one of the best ski resorts in Ennstal Valley, not only for skiing but also for the nightlife. For the best after-ski experience, head to Hohenhaus Tenne Schladming at the foot of the Planai station.



Further west, you’ll reach the beautiful Hochwurzen area. The ascent to the mountain’s peak is impressive since the gondolas are entirely made of glass, offering panoramic views over the Dachstein glacier. Unfortunately, the parking area around Gipfelbahn Hochwurzen loads quickly, so make sure to get there early.

What you’ll find at the Hochwurzen ski area: 5.5 kilometers of easy slopes, 12 kilometers of medium slopes, a beautiful night piste, a family fun slope, and a seven-kilometer-long toboggan run. 

people having fun in one of the many huts up in the mountains on Enns Valley

For the most authentic feeling, stop at Hochwurzeralm and enjoy the atmosphere and the Austrian cuisine. At the Fun Jet Station, you’ll find the Hoo-Ruck Alm, another great after-ski choice. 

If you love a picturesque view, paragliding should be on your list of things to do. Hochwurzen is famous for paraglider and hang-glider fans, so book a tandem flight if you want to try something different.



One of the best ski resorts in Ennstal Valley is, without a doubt, Reiteralm. Directly situated on the Enns Valley main road, the area is easy to reach, and the parking area is quite generous. You can see the Austrian professional ski team training here if you are lucky. 

Modern Doppelmayer chairlifts and gondolas offer the ultimate ski experience. The slopes are in perfect condition, and the views are gorgeous, so it’s no wonder the place is so appreciated! Make sure not to miss the 6-kilometer ski run, the longest in Reiteralm.

What else can you find in the area? The funny Children’s Land, a plugged race track with time analysis, a photo point, and a Crosspark.

Käsespätzle Austrian Dish

After a fun day on the slopes, head to one of the many huts and indulge yourself in a delicious meal. Go for the Austrian macaroni and cheese: Späztle, and you won’t regret it!


Radstadt Altenmarkt Ski Area: the Most Family-Friendly Resort in Ennstal Valley

view over Radstadt and Altenmarkt from a beautiful ski run

Only 45 45-minute drive from Salzburg and a two-hour drive from München, you’ll discover the most family-friendly resort in Enns Valley. Reaching altitudes up to 1,571 meters, the ski area stretches over the Kemahdhöhe mountain between Radstadt and Altenmarkt’s villages. 

The Radstadt-Altenmarkt ski area is your choice if you are more of a landscape type or a beginner skier. Although the area comprises only 17,3 kilometers of slope operated by eight modern lifts and cable cars, it will keep you busy all day. The landscape is beautiful, and getting from one village to another is a fun guarantee! 

The slopes are plane and wide, so the snow conditions are still excellent by the end of the day; the slopes’ quality always impresses me!

Besides skiing and snowboarding, make sure to check the 6-kilometer Königslehen sled run, the longest in the Salzburger Sportwelt region. There are a few huts where you can warm yourself up with a hot drink and taste some traditional food! 

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Zauchensee – Flachauwinkl: the Highest Ski Resort in Ennstal Valley

view over the mountains from the highest ski resort in Ennstal Valley

One of Ennstal Valley’s best ski resorts is definitely Zauchensee- Flachauwinkl, which is only 70 kilometers south of Salzburg. Due to the high altitude, snow is always guaranteed in winter; therefore, Zauchensee – Flacahuwinkl is the perfect choice for a ski holiday. In addition, you’ll get 45 kilometers of uninterrupted ski runs operated by 16 cable cars and lifts. 

The three mountains, Rosskopf, Gamskogel & Tauernkar, are spectacular, with heights of up to 2,176 meters. There is a wide range of slopes for beginners and experts: 23,5 kilometers of easy slopes, 17,2 kilometers of medium slopes, and 4,3 kilometers of challenging slopes. Once here, make sure to stop at one of the sun terraces and enjoy some traditional dishes cooked with regional products.

The ski region is also a hotspot for free riders. Here, you will find the famous East Ride of the Gamskogel, so make sure not to miss that one. 

The Zauchensee ski area is a well-known venue for the FIS World Cup races, which are held here every two years. 

Starting winter 2020/2021, you can reach 12 peaks and five valleys in only one day! Furthermore, thanks to the new Panorama Link cable car, there are 210 slopes kilometers linked from Alpendorf via Wagrain to Zauchensee-Flachauwinkl. 

Tip. Start your day at Flachauwinkl. Make sure to be there first thing in the morning, as the parking area fills quickly. Then, take the gondola and the chair that takes you up to the mountain’s peak and take the downhill ride back to the parking lot! The slope is steep but perfect; there is no one around, and the feeling of freedom is incredible! Trust me; you’ll thank me for that! If your feet are up for one more run, go for it; if not, once up, head to Zauchensee, discover the area and return only later in the afternoon! 

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Snow Space Salzburg Area: Flachau, Wagrain, St. Anton and Alpendorf 

Snow Space Salzburg Area: Flachau – Wagrain – St Johan – Alpendorf is another beautiful and popular destination in Ennstal Valley, ideal for the perfect ski holiday. You’ll get 120 ski kilometers operated by 45 ski lifts, 20 kilometers of freeride routes, snow parks, and fun slopes. There are ski runs for every ski or snowboard level: 34 kilometers of easy slopes, 82 kilometers of medium slopes, and 4 kilometers of challenging slopes.

Girl getting ready for a perfect ski day in Enns Valley



Only 70 kilometers from Salzburg, you’ll reach Flachau, another excellent ski resort in Ennstal Valley. If you are a panorama lover and a good-weather skier, this is your region. The vast and plane slopes are always in the right conditions, the mountain panorama is stunning, and the mountain huts are impressive. Whether you are a beginner or an expert skier, there are 61 slopes of all levels of difficulty. 

Flachau is Herman Maier’s hometown, the Austrian former World Cup champion alpine ski racer and Olympic gold medalist, known as the “Herminator.” Don’t miss the Hermann Maier World Cup slope, and remember to smile at the ride’s end as there is a photo point.

The Flachau ski area is well known as a venue for the Audi FIS ski World Cup ladies’ night slalom, which occurs every year.



The sunny Wagrain is the perfect alternative for skiers and families, with many wide and excellent slopes. The area is ideal for beginners, intermediate skiers, and snowboarders who crave the best snow conditions. Most of the time, you’ll bump into ski instructors and groups, so make sure to avoid them. 

Fun is always guaranteed while skiing the two ski mountains: Grafenberg & Grießenkareck. The views are spectacular, so make sure to take plenty of photos while here. Also, don’t miss the Flying Mozart slope, a highlight of the area. Another highlight of the location is the sunny terraces where you can have a break and enjoy a delicious meal. 

Kleinarl is the perfect choice for freestylers. Absolut Park is one of the biggest snow parks in Europe, with over 100 obstacles and a length of 1.5 kilometers, so fun is definitely guaranteed. If you’re into freestyle, you can take a course at Absolut School


St. Johan – Alpendorf

For the most idyllic place in Ennstal Valley, you should try St. Johann – Alpendorf ski resort, which is only a one-hour drive from Salzburg. Once here, you’ll understand the meaning of winter wonderland: sunny location, wide slopes, spectacular views, lack of ski masses, and a cozy feeling. The area is ideal for families and beginners, as 90 percent of the slopes are red and blue. 

Fun is always guaranteed as there are numerous huts, so you can always stop for a hot drink or a delicious meal, surrounded by a beautiful panorama. 

What else can you find: the devil’s route for children’s delight, a snowpark with more than 30 elements, and a 520-meter race track for speed lovers. Not to mention the best: three black slopes for adrenaline lovers!

NOTE. Flachau / Wagrain / St. Johann-Alpendorf and  Zauchensee/ Flachauwinkl/ Kleinarl have been connected since winter 2020/2021, creating one of the largest ski regions in Europe. Twelve peaks, five valleys, and 210 kilometers of ski slopes await you. Start at Zauchensee/Flachauwinkl, ride to Alpendorf, and return to Zauchensee. Yes, it’s possible in only one day, so go for it! Just make sure to start early in the morning!

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The Best Ski Resorts in Ennstal Valley. Interactive Map


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