If you’re planning to visit Romania, make sure to include Sibiu on your itinerary since a trip to this part of the world isn’t complete without visiting this wonderful city. I’ve curated the perfect 2 days in Sibiu itinerary to help you pinch in all the top tourist attractions and a few lesser-known gems that will make your trip unique!

What you’ll find here? One of the best-preserved towns, with a medieval center surrounded by old defensive walls, lovely squares, beautiful buildings with watching eyes, churches, towers, and bridges. On top of that, you’ll get the chance to taste the best traditional cuisine, so why wait? 

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Helpful Info for Your 2 Days in Sibiu Itinerary

lovely views over the Bridge of Lies in Sibiu

Interesting facts about Sibiu

The city was colonized in the 12th century by Saxon colonists from the Rhine–Moselle territory, and it was one of the wealthiest and largest seven-walled citadels at that time.

In 1366, the town changed its name to Hermannstadt and shifted into the capital of Transylvania between 1692 and 1791 & 1850-1867. The first library, the first theater building, the first museum, the first school, and the first pharmacy were attested here. 

Only in 1919, the city changed its name to Sibiu. But did you know Sibiu is also known as “The Red City” due to its red clay brick fortification walls? 

Few know that Sibiu was an essential city of the Revolution, actively participating in the events of December 1989. 

The municipality was the European Capital of Culture in 2007, and it’s the only Romanian city with this title.

The historical center of Sibiu illustrates Romania’s most remarkable medieval urban ensemble, with numerous well-preserved buildings and residences, defense walls, and towers from that period.

It’s still known as Hermannstadt, as it has the feel and look of a German town.

How to get to Sibiu

Only 5 kilometers from the city center stretches Sibiu International Airport, connecting Sibiu with many European cities. From here, grab a taxi, and you’ll reach the city center in no more than 15 minutes. Just make sure to get on a counter taxi, and you’ll be fine. You can get to Sibiu by renting a car, a common way to visit this part of Romania. Once here, enjoy the beauty of this medieval city by walking.

If you fly to Bucharest, the train takes almost 6 hours. Depending on your itinerary, you can get to Sibiu by train from cities like Cluj, Brasov, or Sighisoara. 

You can get to Sibiu by RENTING-A-CAR, a common way to visit Romania. I would suggest doing that if you plan to explore on your own and not opt for organized tours, walking, or public transportation.

Best time to visit Sibiu

Like many other European cities, Sibiu is beautiful no matter the time of the year. 

The summer months are great for discovering the city on foot, relaxing at one of the many terraces, and visiting the gorgeous Astra Museum. However, the weather can also get quite hot. 

The spring and autumn months are still great as the holidays are off, the accommodation rates are low, and the number of tourists reduces drastically. However, pack an umbrella and a rain jacket if it rains.

Winter in Sibiu is magical if you fancy rambling a Christmas Market right in the city’s heart. Did you know that the first Christmas market in Romania was held in 2007 in Sibiu? 

How to get around Sibiu

Walking is the easiest way to get around if you prefer to stay in the city center. You can even get to Astra Museum on foot, the farthest attraction on these 2 days in the Sibiu itinerary. Everything is packed in the city center, and you’ll need no transportation during your stay.

Where to stay in Sibiu

If you plan to spend 2 days in Sibiu, overnighting in the city center is the best option. There are many options to choose from: big chain hotels, middle-class hotels, and cozy and quiet home quests. If you come by car, you can forget it and enjoy a car-free stay in Sibiu. There are plenty of restaurants, little shops, and cozy coffee shops, and the best nightlife in the city center. 

Overview of Your 2 Days in Sibiu Itinerary

empty streets on the perfect 2 days in Sibiu itinerary

Breakdown of your 2 days in Sibiu 

Day 1: Sibiu Towers – Nicolae Balcescu Street – Grand Square – Coffe Break – Council Tower – Small Square – Bridge of Lies – Aurarilor Square – Dinner

Day 2: Breakfast at Charlie’s Place – Astra Museum – Lower Town – Huet Square – Lutheran Cathedral – Dinner

Interactive Map of your 2 days in Sibiu

Underneath, you’ll find a customized map that includes all the locations you will visit on your 2 days in Sibiu. I pitched the two days with two different colors so you can quickly detect which places you’re going to visit each day.

Just open up this article on your phone and click on the frame in the upper right corner of this map. Google Maps app will open up, and you can check all the details. I hope it helps!

Day 1 of Your 2 Days in Sibiu Itinerary

Today, you’ll be visiting the best tourist attractions of the city. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes because you’ll be doing a lot of exploring!

To begin this Sibiu itinerary, make your way to the Old Town of Sibiu. The most historic part of the city is filled with unique attractions you won’t want to miss out on. 

Discover the Sibiu’s Towers

girl standing in front of Sibiu Towers

Dating back to the 14th-16th centuries, the Sibiu Towers were part of the old Hermannstadt fortification system. Besides their defense role, the 39 towers also served as warehouses for the town’s guilds. Unfortunately, only ten of the earliest fortifications have survived, like the Haller Bastion, the Passage of the Stairs, the Soldisch Bastion, the Potters Tower, and the Carpenter Tower. 

Only two are open to visitors: The Carpenters Tower and the Potters Tower. 

Head to Cetatii Street and start your visit at the Carpenter Tower. Learn more about the history of this building, and then walk through a guard corridor to reach the Potters Tower. It’s an interesting stop on your 2 days in Sibiu itinerary you won’t want to miss. 

Wander the Nicolae Balcescu Street

people rambling the Nicolae Balcescu street in Sibiu

Leave the towers behind and make your way to Nicolae Balcescu, the city’s main pedestrian street. Lined with many terraces, coffee shops, small bakeries, bookstores, ice cream vending points, and exchange houses, you’ll love this part of the town. 

The long and wide pedestrian street is always packed with people rambling up and down the road. First, admire the beautiful facades of the buildings and the architecture dating back to the 17th century. Next, take a sneak pick inside the courtyards and hunt for souvenirs! 

Before you even notice it, you’ll join the gorgeous Grand Square.

Discover the Grand Square (Piata Mare)

beautiful fall day in Grand Square Sibiu

Leaving Nicolae Balcescu Street behind, you’ll be walking towards Grand Square. It is one of the largest plazas in Transylvania, 142 meters long and 93 meters wide. During medieval times, executions took place here.

Now, it’s home to many cultural events like festivals and concerts. It’s also the place where you’ll find the Christmas Market, in case you’re traveling this time of year.

The Council Tower, the Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church, and the Brukenthal Palace encircle this lovely plaza. 

In the northwest corner of the Grand Square, you’ll spot the Brukenthal National Museum, home of the Habsburg governor Samuel von Brukenthal. It is the oldest and the first open museum in Romania. 

Step inside and discover Brukenthal’s paintings, decorations, furniture, and architecture collection. 

Once you’ve visited the museum, enter the Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church next door. It can confuse you from the outside, as it doesn’t look like a true church, but once you step inside, you’ll be amazed by its beauty. 

the interior of the Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church in Sibiu

Walking around, you’ll bump into Casa Lutsch. It was built in 1424 and hosted important people passing through Sibiu, like dignitaries, princes, and even kings. Now hosting a bank branch, it used to be a restaurant, the headquarters of Romania’s German Minority and Roamania’s Hungary party UDMR.

If you would like to learn more about Sibiu, you’re invited on a 1.5-hour guided tour of the Old Town. Discover all the highlights, visit the main square, Cetăţii Street, the Bridge of Lies, and other landmarks, and hear the history of the medieval city from a guide.


Coffee break with a view

sipping a coffee with views over the Grand Square in Sibiu

After climbing Sibiu Towers and visiting the Orthodox Cathedral and Bruckenthal Museum, it’s time to relax. Find a lovely terrace and enjoy a cup of coffee from a local roastery while admiring the surroundings and watching people passing by.

One of my favorite activities while having coffee is spotting the houses with eyes and imagining how many things they have witnessed. You’ll love the charm of this medieval square: children playing around, people walking by, pigeons looking for water. 

Climb the Council Tower

amazing views over Sibiu from the Council Tower

Originating back in the 1300s, the Council Tower stands between the Grand Square(Piata Mare) and the Small Square(Piata Mica). The seven-story tower serving as a historic defense is a symbol for Sibiu and a must-see place on your 2 days in Sibiu Itinerary. 

If you visit Sibiu on a sunny day, climb the 141 stairs and observe the horologe mechanism. The views from the rooftop are simply amazing, and, for sure, climbing the Council Tower is one of the top things to do in Sibiu.

Stroll down the Small Square (Piata Mica)

Piata Mica (Small Square) the perfect 2 days in Sibiu itinerary

Once you’ve admired the views from above, it’s time to discover the Small Square. Yet, it’s not by any means small. Traders’ houses from the 14th century, now turned into restaurants and bars, border this beautiful open square. 

At Nr. 26, you’ll find the Sibiu Pharmacy Museum, dating back to 1568. Step inside and discover the secrets of homeopathy. 

The Small Square is one of the best eating areas, featuring bars and restaurants serving various menus. If you’re tired, hungry, or just want to enjoy the views, find a cozy spot and relax! 

One thing to look for is the houses with eyes! They look thrilling and mysterious, but those are windows to ventilate attic warmth. But they do have some charm, don’t you agree?

If you didn’t buy souvenirs by now, it’s time to do so. You’ll find many souvenir stands year-round, and you’ll definitely find something to take back home.

Cross the Bridge of Lies

people taking photos of the Bridges of Lies in Sibiu

Before leaving the Small Square, head to the Bridge of Lies. Another must-do thing on your 2 days in Sibiu itinerary is crossing the Bridge of Lies, the oldest iron bridge in Romania. 

The legend says that no untruthful person should cross the bridge since it has ears and knows when someone is lying, and it will collapse. I am unsure if this is still the case, but the bridge is another symbol of Sibiu and a favorite spot for taking lovely photos. 

Find quietness in Goldsmith’s Square (Piata Aurarilor)

girl taking the stairs to Piata Aurarilor (Aurarilor Square) in Sibiu

Find the passage on the left-hand side of the pharmacy entrance and roam that way. Walking down the steps, you’ll find yourself in the Lower part of the city center, at Goldsmith’s Square (Piata Aurarilor). In the old days, workers and artisans lived there, hence the name. 

It was also called Fingerling Square, from the word finger, as thieves had a finger cut off as minor punishment.

Now you can enjoy a tranquil part of the old city center surrounded by many colorful tiny houses. Preserving its medieval appearance from 1567, the picturesque Golden Passage can be considered one of the most romantic places in Sibiu and a must on a 2 day in Sibiu itinerary.

Enjoy a delicious traditional dinner 

By now, you’ll have spent enough time in Sibiu’s Old Town and discovered many interesting places, so it’s time to find a cozy terrace and enjoy a delicious meal. Finding a good restaurant is not difficult, but sometimes you fall into the tourist trap.

My recommendation? La Cuptor Restaurant is a family-run restaurant with a nice setting, a creative menu and mouth-watering dishes. The starters are bursting with flavor, so you must try the bone marrow dish. For the main course, go for the oven-backed rooster and be prepared to be amazed by the flavors. Taste some Romanian wine while serving the best chocolate lava cake dessert!

Day 2 of Your 2 Days in Sibiu Itinerary

Breakfast at Charlie’s Specialty Coffee

If you have not chosen an option with breakfast or you just want to try something else, head to Charlie’s Specialty Coffee Place. It’s considered one of the best places to have a gourmet breakfast/brunch. The waffles are to die for, and the coffee and the cold brews are excellent! Not to mention the guys running this place: always happy, helpful, and with a smile on their faces.

TIP. Try the salty waffle with camembert. You’ll thank me later!

Astra Museum of Traditional Folk Civilisation

After a delicious breakfast, make your way to Astra Museum, a complex with four museums covering ethnology & history. Although it is a bit far from the city center, Astra Museum is a must during your 2 days in Sibiu itinerary. 

If walking is your thing, you can reach Astra Museum on foot, only 5 kilometers from Charlie’s breakfast nook. However, considering you’ll be walking a lot inside the open-air museum, I recommend getting there by taxi. You can even RENT-A-CAR for the day from one of the rental offices in Sibiu at a reasonable price.

Inaugurated on August 12, 1905, Astra Museum is one of the most beautiful open-air museums in the country, cared for with a great sense of responsibility and care. It’s also the largest open-air museum in Eastern Europe. 

The Astra Museum welcomes you with over 42 hectares of land, many alleys, more than 400 houses from all country regions, and 20,000 heritage objects. 

Every weekend during the summer, there are fairs and events, creative workshops for children, tastings of traditional food, concerts, and festivals.

Take your time to discover this fantastic place, admire the beauty of the houses from outside and step inside to understand more about the Romanian heritage. If you’re tired, sip a coffee or a refreshment drink on the benches along the way. Once you’re done with the visit, head to the Old Town of Sibiu to discover other beautiful gems of the area.

Lunch at La Pasaj 

La Pasaj restaurant in Sibiu

After so much walking, now it’s time for a laid-back lunch. And La Pasaj is the best place to do so, as the terrace offers lovely views over the Upper Part of the city and the Lutheran Cathedral. 

Having lunch at La Pasaj is a must on your 2 days in Sibiu itinerary if you’re looking for some reinvented Romanian cuisine. The guys running this place use only local ingredients from the area and turn them into modern dishes. Trust me, you’re going to enjoy this place!

Stroll around the Lower Town

girl strolling the hidden alleys of the Lower Town

You’re already in the city’s Lower Town, so it’s time to stroll around the area, the oldest area of Sibiu. As pretty as the Upper Town (where the wealthy Saxons used to live back then) is, you’ll also love the Lower Town. Take your time to explore the tiny streets with colorful medieval buildings, small squares, or hidden alleyways. 

Strada Ocnei (Ocnei Street) connects the Lower Town of Sibiu with the Upper Town, ideal for anyone who wants to stroll after a meal! 

Find the quietness in Huet Square

If you want to escape the crowds and enjoy a quiet place in the middle of the town, head to the lovely Huet Square. This small plaza is loaded with many historical buildings. Take a circular route around the square and you’ll discover many landmarks, such as the Tower of Stairs, the Parish House and the Lutheran Cathedral. 

Admire the Lutheran Cathedral

The amazing Lutheran Cathedral

Dominating the cityscape, visiting the Lutheran Cathedral is one of the top things to do in your 2 days in Sibiu. One of the largest Gothic churches in Transylvania, it’s simply impressive from the outside, beautiful and peaceful inside! 

The Cathedral has undergone a massive restoration for years, but now it’s ready to reveal its secrets. 

” Saint Mary” Evangelical Parish Church has five towers, the highest of which is 74 meters high and is seen from almost everywhere in the city. 

If you’re a history lover, this is the place to be. A knowledgeable guide will tell exciting stories about the church and the people buried here, like county administrative leaders, mayors, or other personalities in Sibiu.

Don’t forget to glance at the gorgeous Baroque organ, the largest in Transylvania, with more than 6,000 tubes. During the summer months, organ concerts take place every Wednesday night.

After touring the Cathedral, climb the tower for gorgeous views of Sibiu. The climb is relatively easy and the perspective is different than the one from the Council tower. 

End the perfect 2 days in Sibiu itinerary with a delicious dinner

beautiful Council Tower seen from one of the terraces

How to end the 2 days in Sibiu if not with a delicious dinner? Kulinarium Restaurant is my recommendation for your last evening in this beautiful town. Their cuisine is a reinterpreted one, with a large part of seasonal ingredients that come from the area. It’s a popular place for people to meet and have a drink and for tourists to sit down after a lot of sightseeing. Sip a glass of your favorite drink and enjoy the view over the Council Tower.

Other Things To Do In Sibiu

Christmas Market

girl discovering the beauty of Sibiu Christmas Market

The medieval old town hosts a small Christmas market every year. If you travel to Sibiu this time of year, wrap yourself in the sweet scent of mulled wine, chimney cakes and cotton candy.

Jump on the Ferris wheel, put your skates on that ice ring, meet Santa and let your inner child feel free again. Sellers from all over the country offer handicraft items for sale, so make sure to dig for the perfect souvenir. After all this fun, find a cozy table and enjoy a delicious dinner at one of the many restaurants around the square. All this while listening to Christmas carols and looking at the bright lights!

Tip. Head to the Council Tower or the nearby Lutheran Cathedral for the best views of the Christmas Market.

Fly over Sibiu

view over Sibiu from an airplaine

Would you like to have a different perspective of Sibiu? How about a scenic flight, admiring the city and its surroundings?

I think it’s the last thing you imagined, right? Yes, Sibiu seen from above is amazing. It’s not always easy to do something you never thought you could do, is it?

I had the chance to fly over Sibiu during a business trip and I can’t tell how thrilled I was to experience that! The adrenaline, the views, everything was perfect! So, if you have more time or fancy trying something different, flying over Sibiu is definitely a must on your 2 days in Sibiu itinerary!

Do you want to explore more around the area? A popular day trip from Sibiu is a visit to Brasov and Dracula’s Castle in Bran. BOOK YOUR DAY TRIP HERE.

My Thoughts on Sibiu

gorgeous view over the Lutheran Cathedral

I’ve visited Sibiu many times and tend to return to the same places. I love its architecture, the colors of the buildings, the culinary experience, the lovely people, and its charming vibe. For me, Sibiu seems to be the closest to the Western European cities.

That’s why I curated this perfect 2 days in Sibiu itinerary, and I hope it will help you better organize your trip to this part of the world.

Have you been to Sibiu? What did you visit, and what did you enjoy most? Feel free to ask me any questions related to this fantastic city!

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